First Review for Hellgate: London (8.6/10)

Hellgate: London presents a wonderful story set against an artfully designed world but never goes that extra mile to separate it from the masses. It's unlikely this game will appeal to the masses but is sure to find a strong cult following. Sure, it's more enjoyable than the demo, but it's worth a try before you commit yourself to another MMO.

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MK_Red4870d ago

So it's decided that the game is a decent MMO instead of a superb singleplayer RPG like Diablo?

Rooted_Dust4870d ago

Is he reviewing it as an MMO? If he is he's retarded. This game has multiplayer but it is not an MMO. It is also not the first review. PC gamer already reviewed about a week ago and gave it a sore of 89%

Leord4870d ago

Bandwidth limit exceeded ;)

And if they added the review from a MMO perspective, that is kind of old fashioned. Its the whole "Diablo is not a RPG" all over again..