Kinect analysed with eye-tracking technology

Using the latest eye tracking glasses, which allow researchers to see exactly what gamers are looking at while playing, User Vision tested the usability of Microsoft’s new Kinect for Xbox 360. Kinect, uses a 3D camera and the player controls the game through body and hand movements, which are recognised by gesture control technology.

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JsonHenry2687d ago

If it can track eyes well enough then couldn't it do the 3DS's style of 3D on a regular 60hz tv?

DJMarty2686d ago

@JsonHenry - Camera's 30FPS, which is No.

The 7 year old EyeToy manages 60FPS.

JsonHenry2686d ago

so.. it can't track your eyes because it is only a 30fps capture-camera? I don't think that is how it works my friend.

Anyway, not really an issue one way or the other. My Kinect is a toy for my kids, not myself.

ILikeTurtles2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Kinect is a cheesy, even the worst 360 fans should hate it after this year's e3 "conference" by M$

Have fun in the virtual disneyland and with the sesame street game! <3 (lol)

Mad? you wish xD

gamingdroid2687d ago

No, we will be enjoying Kinect in Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon, Fable: Journey, Rysen and a host of upcoming games.

ILikeTurtles2687d ago

LOL, hope you're trolling

mcstorm2687d ago

MS were right when they said the possibility's with Kinect were endless. I think they made the right call by powering Kinect with software not hardware. I do also see the kinect technology being used on alot more devices than just MS ones.

Tyre2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Leave it in the labs and experiment on people there, otherwise we all should get paid for it, our contribution to software development is tremendous, for them it is free knowledge(worth more than gold this day and age). This is the proof that they are secretly harvesting our behaviours without paying for it.