Movemodo Review: Under Siege (PSN / PlayStation Move)

Be warned: Under Siege will stomp on your RTS gaming skills like a Wari Warrior crushing your feeble archers. Its 21 level single-player campaign is relentlessly challenging, as you desperately attempt to carry over your squad's experience and money from level-to-level. A fantasy story filled with intrigue holds your attention, and swift pointer controls are further proof that Move is a natural-fit for the RTS genre, but with no mid-level checkpoints you will need patience to master the strategies necessary to progress against an overwhelming throng of monstrosities.

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jack_burt0n2687d ago

Its the demon's souls of RTS, but without a spirit world lol just kills you and then saves the game to show you how weak you are.

Brutal but a unique blending of dawn of war 2 style micromanagement with total war strategy setup. Good review.

MWong2687d ago

I was wondering how good this game was, I saw the trailers for it once the PSN came back online. I might have to download this and Gatling Gears.

thereapersson2687d ago

When's Gatling Gears out?

Also, It's awesome they pulled off a strategy game like this so well on console. I usually tell myself I will never play an RTS on console, but every time I read about this game, I say I might have to make an exception.

MWong2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Gatling Gears came out right before the PSN crashed.

zero_cool2687d ago

Another clueless gaming journalist among thousands but no matter im still going to get this game & enjoy every second of it!