Sony: PS3 platform 'is stronger than ever'

CVG Writes "April's PSN hack and the online service's lengthy outage wasn't good new for Sony (or anyone, Microsoft included), but it doesn't appear to have dampened US consumers' appetite for PS3"

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gamingdroid2773d ago

I believe they were in better position last year, when they had a price cut and was hitting their stride with massive growth.

This year, they are still growing, but growth has slowed down. Future health of a division (or company) is attribute to profitable growth.

Nintendo is in dire sh!t as they are growth is contracting.

showtimefolks2773d ago

with all the games for later this year and 2012 plus psvita at 249

playstation brand is stronger than ever

D0ffy2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )


There's something you missed here. A generation does not equal 10 years, that's a decade.

A generation means new descendants. So you could argue that everytime a new console appears, we're moving into a new generation of gaming.

A lot of people seem to miss this point (if we look at it literally). Dunno where you heard a gaming generation = 10 years.

OT: I can see why the PS3 is doing well. It's a great console, probably the best out there right now (and yes I own 'em all and will get the ones to come, I'm a game freak). Still can't wait to see the Wii U though and what games it might be bringing to the party (and here come's the disagrees for even mentioning the Wii U).

JLeVRT2773d ago

I just bought a PS3. I think that's good enough proof for them

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Squall50052773d ago

There's just so many good games coming out. I'm gonna need to take out a loan.

koehler832773d ago

Vita has certainly reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the platform. Not that I had stopped looking forward to InFamous 2 (until I got it.), Uncharted 3 and Twisted Metal. Not to mention Starhawk.. oh my god am I psyched for Starhawk. Really hope Warhawk and/or Starhawk is brought to Vita unaltered with cross play. Oh man that would make me happy.

PS3pwnz2773d ago

"Stronger than ever!" It's slowly gaining the upper hand with its selection of quality exclusives.

Sinkway2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Slowly? Upper Hand? It's?!

EDIT: I was going to type something long like stuff but now i'm tired. Well done Sony.

PS3pwnz2773d ago

Read the title of the article. What don't you understand?

Sinkway2773d ago

No it was a Family Guy joke, sorry if that came out wrong. I'm off to bed PS3pwnz, night man. Hey say hi to the kids for me....aaahhh your alright....your alight.

WhiteLightning2773d ago

I believe

(Hums X files tune)

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