Madden NFL 07 and Texas Hold 'em rock Xbox Live as online network surpasses 50 million downloads

Like an MVP rushing for 1900 yards, Xbox Live, the first and only unified online games and entertainment network, celebrates record heights surpassing 50 million downloads from Xbox Live Marketplace, doubling the 25 million mark hit just three months ago. Gamers are swarming to Xbox Live at a breakneck pace - logging more than 2 billion hours online - to experience online multiplayer gaming, addictive Xbox Live Arcade titles, the latest game demos, movie trailers and music videos.

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Balance5872d ago

i downloaded texas hold'em and played madden online.
Should be some good saints row MP games this weekend now that everyone is getting their copy

Jay da 2KBalla5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

Very good. Congrats microsoft. Xbox live is simply amazing.

Ravenator5295872d ago

I think the "2 billion hours logged online" statement is somewhat misleading.

When you hook your XBox360 online, you are just about always logged into the "Live" server even if you are playing a single player game.

So even if you are not using the actual "Live" functions, you are still logged onto the server.

This in turn can jack up the number of hours logged on to make you believe that 2 billion hours are spent by gamers playing online games which is not always the case.

Either way its great because you can receive friend messages and invites while you are playing single player games. You are always hooked up!

Boink5872d ago

I loved the simplicity of live when it came to the original xbox, brought console games to a whole new level, now with the marketplace, it's even better. I see why blizzard says nobody will ever be able to beat xbla:)

zerofunction5872d ago

Texas Hold 'em was a great addition. Hope they add Chess.

Aramis0015872d ago

I would pwn at chess! :)