Battlefield 3 faces "heavyweight fight” with MW3 – EA boss

BeefJack: "Battlefield 3 will be “going into a heavyweight fight” with Modern Warfare 3, says EA President Frank Gibeau – but his company intends to “go after the shooter category” from now on, as he continues to talk up the face-off between the two franchises this autumn."

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mrwiggles2687d ago

Man... EA really want that CoD cash, don't they. Still it can only be good for games - competition is healthy.

BaneWilliams2687d ago

Competition IS healthy, and you can always buy both :D

RedDead2687d ago

I REALLY hope EA win this one, just so Acti will realize they need to do something new with Cod.

Spitfire_Riggz2687d ago

Go look at the pre-order charts... MW4 on its way folks

Trunkz Jr2687d ago

Well at least their not releasing a Yearly Battlefield, tho I don't think MoH will do well in sales now it's already off to a bad start, they hyped it to death and made great on sales but only cause of hype it turned out to be partly rubbish, so I dunno what they can do to convince people to get it this time.

CaptainMarvelQ82687d ago

Competition is healthy when you have two companies competing and bringing new things to the table and improving the game in order buy the fans

NOT when you have two games,one of them is doing nothing new and still get's the win with blind support from fans

JsonHenry2687d ago

BF3 will win the fight for my PC and MW3 will win the fight for my X360.

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zealottt2687d ago

I will be supporting EA. As should everyone else who cares about games.

stu8882687d ago

is this a joke. For the most part EA dont give a toss about consumers. If your supporting DICE fair enough.

Ares842687d ago

About 5 years ago, this would have never came out of anyones mouth. How much times have changes. Even though that first day DLC for Battlefield 3 is something I despise, I hate Activision more for compleatly fucking up COD.

stu8882687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

MW3 sales will destroy B3. DICE haven't even shown console footage of B3. They should have at E3. Console sales is what dictates the market.

Reviews will likely be the same, on the consoles.

On PC MW3 will score 8.5. B3 will score 9.

JeffGUNZ2687d ago

How is he a tard? He is acccurate on the fact that they haven't shown this game running on a console. You think it's ironic they are only showing this game running on a top of the line gaming rig? Console gamers will get the watered down version, a Bad company 2 upgrade.

The pre-order charts are clear, showing a massive interest for MW3 and a not so great interest for BF3. I will end up purchasing both, but you have to open your eyes.

stu8882686d ago

mahfuz im stating a fact that u B3 ass lickers cant take.

I will get both too

blackz0012687d ago

Every day new news about BF3 vs MW3......
Lets wait until both games come out
Here is a new trailer battle -->

mahfuz272687d ago

mice, thx for the broken link fool

Hyperguy202687d ago

I swear EA talk more about MW3 than they do BF3 lol

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