OnLive: CGI Arkham City visuals possible

OnLive boss Steve Perlman believes games with visuals as good as those seen in the stunning CGI Batman: Arkham City trailer, below, will be possible on the online gaming tech.

OnLive, which launches in the UK this autumn, allows users to play high-end games using the internet as opposed to a home console.

This, Perlman believes, means games with stupendous visuals could be possible on OnLive, as games are powered by scores of distant servers.

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DJMarty2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

What utter bollocks.

broadband isn't fast enuff, and wide spread or affordable.

Also Onlive compresses graphics to send it down the line now, and only manages entry level PC quality, so it will never do CGI. Thats wishfull thinking.

Kurylo3d2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

clearly u have no idea what your talking about... cause bad graphics dont come from "compressing video".. lol Good graphics are made when the settings are all on very high... full shaders... full anti aliasing.. full lighting... all the nice effects that make the game next gen. Like direct x 11 with teselation... good luck getting that to work on a ps3 or 360. With onlive they can work on a ps3 or 360!

If compressed video was a problem then netflix would be out of buisness cause netflix is still hd

nickjkl2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

are you serious

because i sware your post is longer than it should be it should of stopped at


Kurylo3d2684d ago

well i did need to logically explain my point on why im right without talking out of my butt. I dont see you explaining why im wrong.

DeadlyFire2684d ago

When we all have 50-100 Mbps or so then maybe.

VampiricDragon2684d ago

he keeps shooting his mouth because his product is irrelevant

Fishy Fingers2684d ago

One or two console cycles down the road and 'this' will be the standard.

VampiricDragon2684d ago

no it wont. Not even close.

Especially when they might not be in business 1 year from now.

Its a failure.

Kurylo3d2684d ago

Are you telling me warner bros aka time warner.. is going out of buisness? because they are like the principal investor

Kurylo3d2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

you are really missing the point. First off it is only streaming video and input. Its like playing a video game from another location. Plus when they have super computers with 3 gtx580s in em... yea they can do something that looks cg. Espeacially with the new unreal engine features.

It means you can play the biggest and best games on a freakn ipad if u want because the hardware isnt your hardware powering the game.

Broadband is fast enough. In some places in california they are already doing 1 gbps ... and in the northeast they already have fibre going at 70 mbps for the same price that people in florida pay for 5 mbps...

Though 5bps is fast enough to do onlive... hell 1.5 mbps is fast enough to do onlive. You've never streamed hd video over netflix before? thats the same concept except ur also streaming your controller input.

I've tried onlive on a 3.5 mbps connection... there is no noticeable delay..

Onlive truely is the future. And game consoles will support it eventually. Watch what happens when microsoft or google ends up buying it.

You guys who insult onlive sound like blockbuster video who said netflix would never make it.. now blockbuster is going into bankruptcy... lol

BeastlyRig2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

As much as people like to hate on onlive I have to say it works for me! Less lag now & borderlands is fun on onlive!

You can rent games for a week for about $7 if it's single player that's good for me! Because I will beat it fast!

qwertyz2684d ago

the closest to this is the samaritan tech demo and it STILL doesn't look near as good as that CGI trailer. maybe in 10 years such graphics will be possible but not now.

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