Duke Nukem Forever review average struggles over 50% on 360 Metacritic

The Duke Nukem Forever review average has spluttered to 51 percent on Metacritic on Xbox 360 - but had a slightly better showing on PlayStation 3 and PC.

Although the PC version of game hits mediocre 76 percent on average, the console critics are more damning, doling out 65 on PS3 and 51 percent on 360.

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jack_burt0n2681d ago

least it reflects how bad it is on 360.

no_more_trolling2681d ago

omg i should go sell my 360


Sinkway2681d ago

yeah haven't you seen the Ps3 version its in 4D!! Yeah its way better! Ohh and it also gets you a beer while your watching a bluray.

guigsy2681d ago

I assume you've played all three versions to make such an informed statement.

Oldman1002681d ago

According to Digital Foundry the 360 version is a technical mess. They go on to say it's one of the worst performing games they've seen in recent times.

Soldierone2681d ago

Good thing I went with Alice :P

With all these bad reviews, Duke will see a price drop probably by next week and thats when ill buy it.

Inside_out2681d ago

...then it will be in all likely hood be a duck. Everyone that saw the build up to this game knew it was not going to be very good and had every chance of being horrible.

What Gearbox has done is inexcusable. The game is broken in many ways, regardless of what system/platform it's on and it was just put out for a fast cash grab on a fanbase that was hoping for a decent title...disgusting!!!

AdrianHD2681d ago

Regardless what you think, Duke fans have waited this long to play their game. Gearbox understood that. The fact that you would even put the words "fast cash grab" in the same discussion as Duke Nukem Forever astounds me. Gearbox polished what they could, finished it, and shipped it.

Even though the game is getting slammed, I'm very happy for the Duke fans out there finally getting to play it.

Viper72681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Tested out the Pc version and played trough the Demo on Ps3, and I can say that the PC version is miles better.

On PC the loading times are like 5 times (5-8 seconds or so) faster and the game doesn't need a super PC to run nicely on Ultra settings.

As for gameplay, I have had more fun with first levels of Duke forever than many of the recent fps shooters. Most of them are just this bland cover based shooting from corridor to another. Duke has been fun mainly because of exploration related to boosting Ego, and the fact that the game doesn't take itself too seriously.

But those are only few first levels, the quality is likely to take a dive at least few times throughout the game based on the reviews.

floetry1012681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I've been playing it a little on PC. I'd say if it wasn't a full priced game I might enjoy it for nostalgic value. That is literally all the game has going for it. It's a testament to how progressive the FPS genre actually is. Duke would have been an insane game in '01-'02, but man, every aspect of it is a relic of the past. I still get a little enjoyment out of playing it, but damn, if it wasn't so downright hideously ugly, I might be able to cut it some slack. Seriously, distant objects (and by distant I mean 5 or more feet away) look like they're covered in Vaseline. It would have to go down as one of the ugliest damn games in existence, if not for the game's ancient engine, then its entirely uninspired art style and colour palette. Can't imagine what it must be like on console.

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