Tretton: Sony Embraces Hacking Of A Different Kind

If you’re one of the many who believe Sony doesn’t want customers to modify the PlayStation 3, you’re not alone. It’s the message everyone’s gotten from the whole George Hotz debacle, but according to Jack Tretton, president and chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, it’s a real “misnomer”. In other words it’s untrue, because, according to him, Sony embraces hacking; just in a different way.

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ClimateKaren4252d ago

“Some hackers say Sony wants to deter customers from modifying the PlayStation3. Is that true?”
“No,” Tretton said, “there’s a real misnomer there, we embrace independent game development; if you call that hacking, then we embrace that.

When has independent game development with the given tools ever been considered hacking?

If anyone is confused by this article, it's because it exists solely for people to see that title and click on it. I'll save you the click; There is actually no connection whatsoever, it's a (weird) quote taken from a lengthy interview that is being used by the author to attract hits.

The irony is that the NY Times interview the excerpt is from is actually a really good one, worth posting about on here. In case anyone wants to read it without going through the site:

b_one4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

game developers are often kind of hackers, look at Flower or Chime, strange ideas but playable...

@Chopin, think about it, hackers often take equipment and change thier purpose, devs... they change gaming, its also creativity, experimenting, new ideas.

Cracking is other thing - all ppl scream about OtherOS and cmon - i have in my work few guys, they screamed about it from day one, voila - they have slims, it ended with CFW and TONS of pirated games...
No linux was EVER run.

Another example, Linger in Shadows - made by Demoscene group form Poland (plastic)
read, look, think

Some of them are working for Sony Santa Monica now...
they started with little and now...
Demosceners are hackers - not in a straight definition but often they break boarders of equipment - making demos on microwaves etc or even building thier own electronics to program some 8bit hardcore presentations...

Creativity... Good one... counts most.

ClimateKaren4252d ago

I'm sorry, I don't see the connection between unique game ideas and hacking. Can you elaborate?

ClimateKaren4252d ago

It's really poor form to edit your comment to quadruple its original length after you've been replied to...

Anyway, you're arguing that since hackers think out of the box and so do game developers, that they are similar enough that independent game developing can be considered hacking? Quite a stretch, but even taken as you present it, there is still a clear distinction between the two.

Sometimes locksmiths open a business and fix locks, sometimes they break into houses. Does this mean that we can call locksmithing a form of breaking and entering? Of course not.

Also, I'm not sure what that link is supposed to contain, as it doesn't appear to pertain to the discussion, but please stop talking to me like a persuasive advertisement, it's really condescending, especially when you aren't directly engaging my point.

b_one4252d ago

@Chopin i wanted to answer to you but there was no reply button thats all

About that link, mainly they developed thier own Maya plugin as a freeware, you should take your time and look at content of that site, and im not persuasive, just wanted to show you that there is an alternative to stealing informations

DJMarty4252d ago

@b_one - Demo scene has never been hackers, they are just tallented coders that like to make hardware do the supposed imposible.

ZombieNinjaPanda4252d ago

>game developers are often hackers

The fuck are you smokin and where can I get some of this?

kneon4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )


"talented coders that like to make hardware do the supposed impossible."

That is pretty much the original definition of hacker. What most people refer to as hackers are really crackers. Maybe if we all started calling them that again then maybe they'd go away, who would want to be called a cracker? I know, it won't happen, it's just wishful thinking.

thorstein4252d ago

Thank you.

A hacker. A true hacker is someone who can make technology go BEYOND what it was intended to do. See the hacks of Kinect for a perfect example.

A pirate is someone who tries to obtain intellectual property for free or to sell for profit.

A crack is the term used when employing code to "crack" a security system in order to open up the software (usually violating the TOS or EULA when doing so.) While "cracking" usually won't land someone in hot water. It is what is done with the IP after the crack that lands that person in deep.

Unfortunately, mainstream press calls all of this "hacking."

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movements4252d ago

I agree with b_one. Sony does embrace "legal hacking" then. Flower and Chime are perfect examples of that.

k2d4252d ago

"When you’ve invested millions upon billions of dollars into developing the system — as we have with PlayStation"

One. Quadrillion. Dollars. I'm sure that was a typo..

joeorc4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

In one sense it's silly to argue about the ``true'' meaning of a word. A word means whatever people use it to mean. I am not the Academie Française; I can't force Newsweek to use the word ``hacker'' according to my official definition.

The concept of hacking entered the computer culture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1960s. Popular opinion at MIT posited that there are two kinds of students, tools and hackers. A ``tool'' is someone who attends class regularly, is always to be found in the library when no class is meeting, and gets straight As. A ``hacker'' is the opposite: someone who never goes to class, who in fact sleeps all day, and who spends the night pursuing recreational activities rather than studying. There was thought to be no middle ground.

What does this have to do with computers? Originally, nothing.

"In 1986, the word ``hacker'' is generally used among MIT students to refer not to computer hackers but to building hackers, people who explore roofs and tunnels where they're not supposed to be."

the above can fit software very nicely!

So yes what jack was talking about can clearly be viewed as Hacking , well by UC an MIT! standards

gamingdroid4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Are you a fellow CalBear?

That is an awesome article. I will have to bookmark that.

joeorc4252d ago

sadly, but i knew quite many peeps from both there an MIT. I did my courses the hardway...USN..hehehe or could be viewed the easy way unless you are happened to be @

my luck .was of course the Hardway it was. USS Forrestal (CV-59) AKA the zippo or Forrest up on how it got its nick names...ooh boy. it was the first super Carrier in the entire US navy. it still had a steel belted hull.

my deployment was 88'-93'


couple of things they stated were part of the truth but i cannot state or go further into it.

gamingdroid4252d ago

Ahh... interesting. Pardon my ignorance, but does that mean you did your education in the Navy? I know some people getting paid through the navy (?) going to med school, but is basically part of the Navy now. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I just realized, I had Brian Harvey (the author of the article) as my prof back in the day.

joeorc4252d ago

yup, right out of High school, went into the US navy,paying the University was not an option for me started with MM/HT/signal tech, than went into CVN ELECTRONIC's from there It was all pretty much free you just had to work your butt off spend off hours in certain div. helping out an learning courses if you wanted it with low amounts of sleep but you did not have to pay for it which yes there could be a war, which it was in my case when i was in but im still here today so i consider myself lucky.

b_one4252d ago

Thanks to bringing my point of view, im not so fluent in english.

@DJMarty, and hackers do what? "Impossible" same as demosceners...

btw. end of bubbles, so... thanks for chat.

MWong4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

When I read the title I thought he was going to say something else. Something more along the lines of what we experienced with the PS2. Hackers that just modified the gaming experience and that was for SP games (invincible characters, unlimited ammo, mega money). Some messed with MP games, but a lot of those users got banned (most sites never really supported online).

skyblue142134252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

If sony encourages it than why don't they create a program that utilizes creating homebrew games from the ground up, and little big planet and mod nation racers don't count because those types of programs are not what I am referring to. I am referring to a program that is more in-depth than little big planet and mod nation racers and are not bound by certain rules like little big planet and mod nation racers are.

plmkoh4252d ago

They have done exactly that, the PS3 had the Linux compatibility until people decided to abuse it and we also have the upcoming development kit for homebrew move controller stuff.

Lawliet4252d ago

Sony like every corporation never said you can't mod or create hacks, you can, until you turn your PS3 into a bomb, then wonder why FBI is knocking on your door.

Just don't mod or create something which can hurt others and everyone can agree. Saying you got the freedom to do whatever you want is nothing more than being ignorant. You can walk into a farm, ask permission and maybe you get kind treats, stealing the corps however you wish, will make you understand why you've just been flagellated.

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