How Nintendo Lost E3

Approaching Nintendo’s 2011 E3 Keynote Press Conference, rumours and leaks (strategic or not) had been circulating for weeks about what we could expect. A new console, a new controller, touch screen, portable gaming, high definition, the list goes on. It seems whatever feature you wanted from this mysterious new console...

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Ares842687d ago

That controller, hurts my hands just by looking at it.

Trunkz Jr2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

If they can't allow 4, then I'm not buying it. I'd like to play something like Goldeneye where friends can't look off my screen it would be fun.

Plus they need a name change, my heart sank when he said the name during the E3 show...

Trunkz Jr2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

PS: I'm a Nintendo fan out of the big 3, and if a Nintendo fan feels depressed about their next console, then you KNOW their doing something wrong considering I've owned every single console they've made.

Falaut2687d ago

In my opinion, 2 screen controllers is the sweet point.

B+ very refreshing :)

piroh2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

i agree with you just because of avatar :)

KonaBro2687d ago

but I can't help but see an iPad every time I look at it. Whatever the price is, it won't be cheap that's for sure.

Alos882687d ago

Just by looking at the placement of the buttons I know that controller will hurt my thumbs after about an hour.

Pozzle2687d ago

It's looks so bulky too. And the shape doesn't seem to fit with the natural shape of a person's hands. It makes sense for an iPad because you're (presumably) not going to be using it for hours on end. But a game controller? I just don't understand what the designer was going for :/

starshaped2687d ago

It hurts to hold an iPad for more than an hour in the same way you'd hold the controller, when you take into consideration that you've got to use buttons too, it hurts to think about it.

OtherWhiteMeat2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Personally,I don't think E3 had any clear winners or losers, but I do think the Wii U would have looked a lot nicer in black.

Shnazzyone2687d ago

Nintendo lost e3 by being nintendo. Because if sony or MS did the exact same thing they would have won hands down. Keep telling yourselves Nintendo lost if you like. Doesn't change the fact they unveiled the most new tech and games. If you go by numbers and showmanship and are UNBIASED... Then Nintendo won.

Shnazzyone2687d ago

lots of disagrees, though no counter-arguments. This is N4G

Falaut2687d ago

I'm not going to hit disagree just yet and am down to a intelligent jostle. Please elaborate on the "...unveiled the MOST NEW tech and games" so we can begin. The reason I ask is that it is of my opinion that Ninty had nothing NEW in regards to tech AND games (because I don't think another Zelda is anything new).

perfectCarbonara2687d ago

Here's a counter argument for ya.

How did Nintendo unveil the most tech, when Sony unveiled the PSVita AND the PS3 branded 3D monitor.

Thats TWO unveilings, while Nintendo only unveiled the controller to a non-existent console.

gumgum992687d ago

@perfect carbonara

while sony did unveil more hardware, the TV isn't necessarily "new tech". That is what shnazzyone was referring to. Its a good deal for a TV, yeah, but its just one more TV. The new controller is much more different and is only comparable as far as shape and design.

plmkoh2687d ago


That's merely a matter of point of view, one could argue that the WiiU is a polished PS3+PSP remote play experience.

Whilst the PS TV monitor gives a new Splitscreen experience.

Personally I felt Nintendo had what It takes to "win" E3, but was extremely confused about the message and concept of the device. Basically the viewer was left asking more questions rather than having them answered, and rightly so the share prices dropped.

Nintendo are simply not good sales pitchers.

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