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GameShard writes: "In some ways, its nice to see Red Faction going back to its roots as a fun, corridor shooter with interesting tech backing it up- and it is fun. But when Guerrilla was so much more, it just seems such a shame. Without Geo-Mod, Red Faction Armageddon would be a forgettable third-person shooter. With Geo-Mod, its a forgettable third-person shooter with pretty explosions tacked on, and little more."

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bumnut2682d ago

I agree with this review, I enjoyed Guerilla so much more.

YourFlyness2682d ago

I was just about to ask, If I am a fan of Guerilla, will i be a fan of this one?

I played a little of the demo, I could tell it had some changes, when I was battling aliens. I did like the rebuilding bracelet thing.

bumnut2681d ago

If you enjoyed the freedom of Guerilla you will be disappointed, this one is on rails. I only played until level 3 and got bored of it.

The rebuilding bracelet thing (not sure if thats the technical term!) is cool but I think they stole it from Singularity.