Kotaku - Eyes-on With Sony’s New PlayStation 3D Display

Kotaku - Sony is trying to make 3D gaming on its PlayStation 3 more affordable with its very own PlayStation branded, stereoscopic 3D monitor—comparatively cheap at just $500 USD for 24 inches of 3D gaming. Better still is the monitor's ability to deliver full-screen gaming to two players at once.

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Just_The_Truth2684d ago

i just wonder how they'll split the sound figure that out and the ghosting issue and i'm sold i don't own even an HDTV yet so this will be great. oh man UC3 will support co-op online multiplayer i can't wait.

HeavenlySnipes2683d ago

so the ghosting issue will most likely be fixed, and as for the sound issue, it is not a problem. Many people (like me) play splitscreen coop games and its just as hard trying to figure out what screen the explosions and stuff are coming from. I guess we'll just have to deal with it.

bestofthebest2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

hopefully this gets released in september with resistence launch I havent heard a release date but Im 90% sure Im getting this mainly cause I play solo most of the time and sit close to the screen anyway so the small size really wont affect me. Can't wait to play all my 3d games that is something Ive been wanting to try for a while now but couldnt afford a thousand dollar tv and then glasses too. So this deal is perfect it comes with everything I want.

HeavenlySnipes2683d ago

with Resistance 3. So I'm pretty sure it'll be released around its launch date. This and Uncharted 3 both have splitscreen MP so I'm stoked to play them both in 3D with my bro!!

B-Real2062683d ago

when you do split screen on this tv it won't be in 3D. At least that's how I understand it. Single player 3D 2player split screen 2D.

Will this monitor execpt tv feeds?

Bolts2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Buy a real high end TV if you want 3D. For example the latest gen of LED TVs are virtually ghosting free. There's no reason to pay good money for this scaled down mediocre display, $500 for a 24" TV is absurd when you can get a 55" for around $1500-2000.

2683d ago
Bolts2683d ago

Right because independent split screen is a must have in any display....24" isn't a TV, its a monitor. A medium sized one at that.

Hell I'm typing this from a 27" gorgeous LED monitor for $350. Can it do 3D? Hell no. But thats what my 55" Samsung is for.

bestofthebest2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

people seem to forget it comes with a game $60 and glasses around $60 also so the price is really $380 for just the tv which is not bad for a sony3d.

bestofthebest2683d ago

forgot it also comes with a hdmi cable

SweatyFlorida2683d ago

lol exactly, I find it hilarious how people forget that part than write a dumb comment on how there's better deals xD

Bathyj2683d ago

Its a good deal, but how about a 40 inch for a grand with a PS3 thrown in.

Watch them fly off the shelves.

news4geeks2683d ago

Yeah, they'll fly off to be buried at a landfill in new mexico. Too expensive for most people.

Bathyj2683d ago

Too expensive?

A grand?

For a 40 in 3d tv with a PS3 thrown in?

Man you people are tight. Thats what we paid for PS3's here when they launched.

You cant take your cash with you yknow.

thebudgetgamer2683d ago

i'm torn, on one hand the specs for this tv are really good but i can buy a 40 inch 1080p for four hundred dollars.

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