Rumor: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Demo Level

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo has been confirmed for early November. What has remained a mystery, however, is what level we will be playing. Reading through this article I found an interesting bit of information on the cinematics of the demo, which could confirm what level we will be playing. The article states that the demo will feature a cinematic clip of Nathan and Ellen parachuting onto the island after their plane is hit by flak. This would suggest that the demo will be the first level on the island.

After hitting the jump button click on "Cinematics Animation" to read more.

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lynx1halo4871d ago

From just recently watching that 10 min clip of the intro to Drakes...I WILL DEFENITELY PICK THIS GAME UP....I was a little iffy at first...but the water graphics did it for me...i guess it wowed me because im used to cheesy...cartoonish looking water from other games

Alcohog4871d ago

If a demo comes, I'm skipping it. When I play this game I want my experience to be pure vanilla. 8)

BigBadPolo4871d ago

Good stuff! I'm a 360 guy only at the moment but I'm definitely interested in the game and also hearing what the PS3 owners have to say about it after the demo. I honestly do hope it is as good as it's looking to be! This may be a reason to get another PS3.