Could get messy: Duke Nukem Forever Metacritic user reviews finally open

BeefJack writes: "Metacritic have finally allowed users to review Duke Nukem Forever – over four days after the game was released outside North America. After the negative user reactions on the site to Dragon Age II and Portal 2, were Metacritic trying to avoid the controversy of another organised backlash from the public against a game that’s dividing opinion to say the least before it hit US stores?"

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Kran2683d ago

Its funny how a review site seems to make big news now :/

Dramscus2683d ago

This guy says the meta critic scores for dragon age 2 and portal 2 were awful. I only checked portal 2 but they were like 9 and 8.5 for user scores. This article just drumming up hoo ha.

Kran2683d ago

Portal 2 was a 10 for me and a massive shoe in for game of the year, so I dont know what other users were talking about.

Lots said Portal 2 had no replay value.... ive played the game 3 times :/

Heartnet2683d ago

It had alot of 0 and 1 user scores simply beause of the Day 1 Dlc..

Probz wat he was getting at hehe

ShoryukenII2683d ago

I checked the day it came out but it had a lot of negative user scores. They were talking about day one DLC which confused me and almost put me off buying it. But I think the DLC was for PC only and cosmetic.

NukaCola2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Meta User Reviews are worthless. You get reviews like, "DIS GAME IZ OFF DA CHAINZZZ 10/10", or "Game looks gay as hell 1/10" Every game has these idiot reviews, from Halo, to Uncharted to Metroid. Meta User Reviews shouldn't ever receive any credibility.

Jack-Dangerously2683d ago

That literally made me lol.

It's scary how on the mark you are lol.

floetry1012683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

This is the problem with most user-review websites, especially the movie review website imdb. People will vote 10 or 1 to drag a games average user score up or down. 99% of the time, the game is neither of those scores.

mastiffchild2682d ago

This is the very reason I find democracy TERRIFYING. I mean these idiots are allowed to vote in actual elections and what have you-there HAS to be some kind of test both for Metacritic user reviews and to be allowed to vote. On ANYTHING. Otherwise democracy and gaming review aggregation sites are both dead in cred terms.

Shit, these people are freely allowed to have sex and make babies and pass their sub standard genes on to the next generation too(my wife just explained it all to me-I was appallled and am now apoplectic)-what will they do to user generated scores THEN.think of the future and of you OWN kids!

ChrisW2682d ago

Look at the Metacritic User score for PC gamers. 50+ positive reviews!!! And a majority of the reviews are almost a paragraph long. This is obviously a game that only PC gamers are really going to enjoy.

Legion2682d ago


You are right Democracy is so terrifying. I would much rather have just one person tell me what to do and how to do something.

Why should I have to listen to all these other people's poor opinions when I could have a non-democratic experience and have just one person tell me what is good! Then if I only have to listen to that one person then it won't be so scary for me.


JellyJelly2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

@mastiffchild - No offense but that last comment made you sound like a nazi. I sense sarcasm though. At least I hope so. :)

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The Matrix2683d ago

Since you seem to think that personal opinions don't matter why should I even consider your opinion about their opinions?

Jack-Dangerously2683d ago

I think you may have missed his/her point.

Take it how you choose, but it isn't my intention to be disrespectful.

NukaCola2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

@The Matrix
If I make a review for Halo 4 saying "Milked Green Rangerz iz dumb 1/10" please shoot me. The user reviews aren't reviews, they are idiotic comments 99% of the time. Read N4G's user reviews. They actually have thought and substance. You can hate and rate a game a 1/10 all day, but don't write a review like you would write an icanhascheeseburgers meme pic. IZ DAT 2 MUCH TOOO ASK, NO?

showtimefolks2683d ago


user reviews on anything are hard to trust. when a ps3 exclusive comes out xbox360 fanboys rate it lower and when xbox360 exclusive comes out ps3 fanboys rate it lower

end of the day that's the main reason most big media sources don't take gaming serious

Breadisgood2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Hahaha, "DIS GAME IZ OFF DA CHAINZZZ" and "Game looks gay as hell" are literally like official grades for the average joe leaving their "review".

Bubbles for that, made me lol.

ChrisW2682d ago

Average Joe? More like reviews from those who were too young to play the first one.

TheEatingChampagne2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

LOL I LOVE YOU +bubbles for speaking the truth

Baka-akaB2682d ago

thing is noawadays , they arent anymore worthless than the professional sites themselves .

Both system of metacritic are a joke . INstead of using the same limited pool of trusted review sites , it's a full on orgy of no name sites being randomly added by users to make up a score .

When a game got 50 reviews sites scores gets a 80 , while another gets 90 via only 20 sites , you know there is a problem

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PS3pwnz2683d ago

Metacritic is a fine example of democratic community. ; )

PS3pwnz2683d ago

I wish they'd just make like YouTube with a thumbs up or a thumbs down option. Surely that will be more stable?

The Matrix2683d ago

A rating 1-10 is much better than an all or nothing rating.

PS3pwnz2683d ago

@The Matrix
Obviously, the professional critics can give better ratings, but for the troll Joe: No, he only give a 0 or 10 rating in any case. Look at this pathetic rating on Portal 2!!

"I was waiting for this game for about a year. I am a big fan of the original portal.Actually the game is OK, but it is not a sandbox anymore like Portal 1. Everything is scripted. If you throw the cube it will 100% fall in the right place, the portal will open in right place, laser beam will hit its target, etc. This is why I do not like portal 2. From the other side, the game is good. A+ high quality puzzle. Levels are hard enough but not too hard. Interesting plot. My mark is 0 only because it is too scripted. I loved portal 1, and I hoped portal 2 would be the same..."

Now you can tell me the 0-10 rating works better.

KingZFlipper2683d ago

Some Metacritic user reviews are retarded. 'Nuff said.

palaeomerus2683d ago

Duke Nukem Forever is basically a huge kidney stone that the game industry has finally passed and now it will not cause us all constant minor pain and we can forget about it. This is not a game release so much as an exorcism.

Now we need to get Colonial Marines, BIA:Furious Four, and Borderlands 2 out and then we can pretend that none of this ever happened.

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