Examiner - E3 2011: Rayman: Origins Hands-On

Examiner: Seriously, I'm starting to think that this E3 was built to prey on my nostalgia. The originalRayman was one of the first platformers I ever played, and it was one of the first games that really challenged me. The second game in the series was another one of my childhood favorites, and was one of the most critically acclaimed games on the Nintendo 64. After that, the series slipped into obscurity. The third game in the series was largely overlooked, and the series soon diverted into the "Rabbids" miniseries (which is now its own separate entity). Finally, for the first time since before the Wii, we have a straight-up Rayman game. Does the return to two dimensions bring Rayman back into the limelight, or doom him to nostalgia?

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