Duke Nukem Forever Review from GamePro

GamePro: At long last, Duke Nukem Forever is here. Unfortunately, it's still stuck in 1996, and will undoubtedly disappointment fans awaiting Duke's comeback as well as mystify newer generations of gamers who are used to a certain level of quality in their shooters.

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Lightel0s2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

im impressed with reviewers that blame a game because have a retro style stucked in 1996, this game was designed to be stucked in that era., im very pleased with the game, and cannot be reviewed because the problems between the development process, its a miracle we can finally enjoy the game. im sold by this game, maybe not a its fully price of 59.99 but with a price drop it will be perfect.

refocusedman2681d ago

Wow Duke nukem gets a 3/5 and infamous 2 gets a 3.5/5. To each his own but, my friend bought this game because he loved duke nukem back in the day and even he thinks its horrible. I also played it and i would have to agree with his assessment.