Sony repositions PS2 to better tackle Wii

Tech writes: "We've known for a while about the 'Ceramic White' version of the PlayStation 2 Sony is planning to ship soon, but we finally have word of a US release date and details of a special bundle that brings the console more in line with Nintendo's family-oriented offerings."

"Sony clearly hopes the package will encourage younger gamers and families to gather round the console for an evening of karaoke in the same way Nintendo has had success with its everybody-in approach to gaming on the Wii. Given the low price of the older PlayStation, its massive library of games (1,500, with 160 new titles imminent) and its ability to play DVDs and CDs, it's not surprising that Sony should seek to reposition the console as a more fun alternative to the hardcore action of the PS3."

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jiggyjay4866d ago

I dont know if this a smart move from sony.. The more you push the PS2 the more reason people are not going to buy the PS3.. For every PS2 sold is a lost potential PS3 customer.. I guess with the 40gb PS3 being only $399 it would leave give a good reason to have two PS.. A PS2 and a PS3.. Either way I don't think people who would buy a PS2 is going to turn around and buy a PS3 a year or even two years later..

gamesblow4866d ago

Mos people now know that the wii isn't a next-gen system. They look and view the PS3 and xbox 360 as the same level, they don't view the wii on that level. Sony has the opportunity, since the ps2 is selling so well... To actually take advantage of 2 different console wars here. Hell, 3 with the psp. They don't have to win any of them... They'll still come out the winner in the end, as all 3 of their systems are still viable on the market. Nintendo only has 2 viable units. Microsoft 1. Sony... 3... This is a good strategy for Sony, just as long as they can direct 3rd party to make "ps2 specific" games still.

Vojkan4866d ago

This is smart move. This is for folks that will never buy PS3 or dont plan to buy it for many more years.

QuackPot4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Sony could easily get 10 years out of the Ps2 with their own BETTER version of the Wii-mote.

Likewise the Playmote and games would extend the life of the Ps3 once the migration from the ps2 is complete.

A Ps2 with a play-mote and fun games will easily beat the Wii on price, games and fun factor.

Dammit Sony do it.


the Playmote
is the future.

Vojkan4866d ago

there is this thing calle "patent" or how ever you call it in English.
And who can say that we won't see something like "wii mote" on PS2 in future. Maybe they are saving it for end of 2008.

Prismo_Fillusion4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Omg it can play CDs!!!!11

Edit: How dare you disagree with me! I'm only stating a fact. There are plenty of reasons to buy a PS2 at it's cheap pricepoint - but no one is buying it because it can play CDs.

segasage4866d ago

I do know the PS2 has a humongus library of games with plenty aaa titles.

Now if th ePS2 sell like hotcakes to new gamers, and with a library of so many games left to be played when will these gamers move unto next-gen?

I guess sony is right after all the Ps3 won't be worth it 5 years after release. If the original ps3 came down in price and that was the strategy, to keep BC in there then there would be no point of buying a ps2, as your "Ps3 does the same and much more."

Sony's got their nextgen priorities all funked up. they want gamers to buy games so they take away BC out of the new and cheaper model of the Ps3. As if gamers do not have a huge library of Ps2 games, as well as gamers that wanna play all the aaa ps2 titles for the first time.

gamesblow4866d ago

The only one who's funked up "as you put it" is you. PS2 is still viable... Why the hell should Sony let every Ps3 new adopter play them, when they could still make money on the hardware? You're thinking as a gamer/consumer... not a business man. Big difference. I have a 250 gb ps3 that plays anything I put in it. So, if you want a ps2/ps3 get the 80gb and upgrade. If you want a ps3 and blu-ray player, get the 40 gb... sony's giving you Slop dongs a choice. You're just to bias to see it.

I can also play every damn nes, gen, mame and so forth and so on game with my ps3 too. It's a nice feature to have a set top box.

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