Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Hands-On -

MMGN writes: My last stand against a seemingly endless flow of enemies came at the hands of a dog, jumping at me from a distance as I lay injured alongside my dying partner. I had used up all of my grenades and ammo, and was left with my trusty little handgun to protect me against the bombardment of enemies coming at me from every direction. This is Spec Ops, Modern Warfare 3’s improved Hoard-like mode, and something I am particularly fond of after 20-edge-of-my-seat-minutes playing it at E3 2011.

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PS3pwnz3318d ago

It actually looks pretty good in the trailer, but I want a
I. full-length campaign,
II.fixed multiplayer,
III. and an experience that doesn't want me to return the game within 3 days of purchase.

After all, they are basically helping themselves to my wallet... ': /
(I hope I don't sound like a terrorist in a hostage situation)