If Nintendo Wii U is not next-gen, consider sales battle lost already

Product-Reviews writes: The Nintendo Wii U has come six years after the original Wii debuted, and if the console cannot be labeled as next-gen in that period of time, then Nintendo may have a big problem on their hands. Of course, they will be adamant themselves that the Wii U is a ‘next-gen’ console, but if word quickly spreads round that it’s not, it’s going to create a negative perception in gamer’s minds and that can only hurt Nintendo in terms of hardware sales.

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Kamikaze1352775d ago

It's Nintendo's next gen system, so it's next gen. Doesn't matter what people think, how powerful it is, what feature it has / lacks - it's next gen. Nintendo's current gen console is the Wii..the NEXT one is the Wii U. Why do people still complain about this? >_>

theonlylolking2775d ago

Wii U is next gen with old tech just like the Wii was.

rexbolt2775d ago

yeah with 8 cores right?