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Tom Chick writes: "Have you ever had to take a road trip with people you can't stand? Early on, a couple of characters introduce the story and the gameplay progression by giving each other glowing doo-dads. Literally. Here's a glowing doo-dad for you. And here's one for you. That's an indication of the level of coherence and dramatic tension that will drive Infamous 2. And it just goes downhill, with sidekick Zeke as pointless as ever, a toughened Cole now gravelly voice like a Martin Sheen who won't take any guff, and the heavy-handed morality choices based on whether you prefer Nixx, the fiery-tempered black voodoo chick, or Kuo, the mopey Asian CIA agent turned ice mage."

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rdgneoz32775d ago

Another site looking for hits...

Also, I've beaten it once as good and almost done with evil on hard, and I have no clue what the hell he means by giving each other glowing doo-dads... Blast shards/cores / RFI?

manumit2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

then don't give it hits, if you enjoyed it then this shouldn't bother you.

hmmm its bothering a few of you...i've got a feeling Infamous 2 is a little poo. I want to play it, i think it looks awesome, but by what this review says...i might wait.

@ Below. is it bothering you too? seems like it. And I have read the other reviews, i dont just read the low scores i take time to read all the bad and good feedback. If i'm just going to read all the high reviews why dont i just go buy the farking game?! I'm going to wait because the game is getting mixed reviews, its not as solid with the critics as i had thought it would be.

CGI-Quality2775d ago

Have you been ignoring the other 8/9/&9.5s deliberately, because if that's "a little poo", I'm inclined to believe you never cared much for the game in the first place.

OT: Review seems a little harsh, but then again, it's not universally agreed upon. from what I see/hear, most love it (as do I)

strickers2775d ago

How about you try playing before feeling it's a little poo?
It's not,by the way.

Krimson-Rage2774d ago

People who only believe negative reviews (especially when those reviews are in a clear minority) tend to do so because they reinforce their own pre-existing opinions.

theIMP2774d ago

@ manumit
I don't know how these guy arrived at a 5/10 score, but this game kick so much ass, it is funny. I’m also am loving the UGC. I've never seen it integrated into the single player mode so flawlessly. They are just scattered around the world like regular levels, and I can see them adding hours and hours of extra play, not only that but you get exp from them just like any other level. I also can’t wait to make some levels of my own, I can see myself sinking hours into that as well. I can easily see myself spending 80+ into this game easily. I think it’s well worth the $60, while it doesn’t have quit as much content as Halo: Reach, it, to me, has just as much value.

manumit2774d ago

@theIMP thank you so much, a well said comment that doesn't end up calling me a fanboy, haha. That was really helpful what you typed thanks man.

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Joni-Ice2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

HonestGamers Site review -5 out of 10. HonestGamer I know your reading this...I WILL NEVER CLICK A LINK FROM YOUR SITE. NEVER EVER EVER!

CryofSilence2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Honestgamers? Mmk... Whatever you say.

Hitseeking website.

Christopher2775d ago

Same score they gave to LA Noire if I'm not mistaken. Either they don't know how to enjoy games, they have really specific tastes in games (not sandbox games apparently), or they score differently than everyone else.

Sinkway2775d ago

Yeah i actually thought it was 5/5 but no they gave ME2 a 10.

joab7772775d ago

We will probably see low scores til mw3 and halo 4 come around and then we will see tens. I will admit, not much has changed from the 1stone, mechanics wise. Its very similar, but it perfects that which it is good at...creating an open world for a super hero, or vilian, to simply destroy everything. The story is a little weak, but Cole isn't. He is a bad ass super hero w the ability to single handedly turn a city upsidedown...a city that actually feels really and alive. Did they push hard on this enstallment? Not really, but its atleast as food as the last, providing an experience unlike any other game. The graphics are even better, Cole starts off w many of his powers and just gets stronger. And oh yeah, if u don't like sucker punche's side missions, then do better, because they give u the tools to do it.igive it a 9. A 5 is from someone who hates the genre and the console.

ReservoirDog3162775d ago

Haha, I don't get it. The reviews on this haven't been exactly perfect all around but I don't get how anyone could score it that low. It's a very very very solid game.

The only real flaw that I can think of is that while exploring the city there really isn't any background music. Other than that I don't get how people could be scoring it as low as they are.

I can understand LA Noire's wild scoring since it's highly based on patience but there's like literally nothing wrong with the game I'm playing. Graphics, voice acting, story, side missions, controls, immersion, lack of any real glitches in an open world game. I don't get it. Some people say the camera's bad but even then I don't see that.

I swear I'm playing a different game.

Jamzluminati2775d ago

I just wish we had an option that showed all our stats because I hate going to my save game data to see how many shards I have/had. Also if we could give Cole different clothes and have in game music the game would be perfect. Those are my only complaints and they are the same from the first one. Wtf Suckerpunch lol.

-We are watching

dragon822775d ago

You can change Cole's clothes. I played through on Hero with the standard clothes and played through on Evil with a Reaper skin. I also have the option of a Kessler skin and a Classic Cole skin. You can also change the skin for his Amp weapon to a 24k Gold Amp, Samurai Sword, Caveman Club and Sly Cooper's Cane.

Christopher2775d ago

Once you've collected the max orbs for expanding you power meter, it does show you how many out of the 305 total you've collected when you collect a new one. Otherwise, the final side mission power pretty much makes it a breeze to collect them all.

You can also change some of your looks/character in the options menu under skins. Color of your clothing and looks for the standard New Marais Cole are tied to your fame/infamy ranking.

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TBM2774d ago

hahahahahahaha a 5 really? this review is sooooooooooooo full of fail. i'm having a blast playing and, i don't let other people's opinions determine which game(s) i love.

hahahaha honestly a 5 this poor site is just looking for hits. honestgamers my ass lol.

Tank_Commander_E62774d ago

And yet MW2 gets a f***ing 10/10 and BlOps 8 lmao
"Modern Warfare 2 is a thoroughly polished, entertaining and shocking follow-up to one of the greatest military shooters ever crafted. More of the same doesn't have a right to be this good!"

There is no PS3 review of BlOps which is probably why there's no mention of horrible lag and frame rate issues that plaged the PS3 version of BlOps for months.
"Call of Duty: Black Ops has a fantastic online mode that should keep you busy for weeks, but working through its punishing single-player mode isn't as enjoyable as it should be."

Really honest gamers?
"Whoever was in charge of designing the multi-player experience did a fantastic job, I must say. "

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MintBerryCrunch2775d ago

ain't that some shiii....

why do they have 2 people reviewing a single game for their whole site

i find it kind of awkward...

SuperStrokey11232775d ago

So the same site reviewed the same game 2 times and each got a DRASTICLY different score? Sounds like BS to me!

SomeOtherGuy2774d ago

Try actually reading. One says "staff review" and the other says "reader review".

Kon_Artist 2775d ago

i swear to god i never heard about this site in my entire life.

Mario182775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Honest gamers my ass

manman62775d ago

I guess they can't live up to their name. lol

UP2775d ago

Can someone explain what their biggest problems are and why?

P_Bomb2774d ago

Tom Chick catches the KZ3 bug and goes on too long about the writing, neglecting to see how the gameplay is superior to other open worlds that may have better writing but bland cities with nothing to do in them (LA Noire). Just don't drive on the sidewalk while wallowing in your pretentiousness Tom.

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