Opinion: Unlocking Is Retarded

This article over at Gameplayer examines the gaming tradition of unlocking extra features and modes.

"I mean that in the literal sense – forcing you to unlock game features slows things down. I also mean it in the figurative sense – it's stupid. Granted, it can sometimes be used as a logical, intuitive means of imparting a sense of achievement in the player. Yet unlocks are often used as a crutch; an attempt to inflate the importance of game features that otherwise would have little value."

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Merovee4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

What the hell??!??!! you had the time to gripe about some of the factors that make playing a game intriguing, that give a sense of accomplishment, that add to replay value. But you have no time to carry them out?!?

Log off of YouTube for 10 minutes, quit checking your FaceBook, no one cares about you, not figuratively, seriously. If you do not like your situation, even if it be as simple as "unlockables" in games ,then STFU and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

I pay taxes, for your retarded kid to go to school, for a war I don't agree with, for roads I will never drive on, and for the mistakes of 5 generations past, and if all I did was gripe about it on a gaming site, then I WOULD DESERVE TO DIE! I do not care if you can not find an easter egg, I do not give a rat's ass if you are incapable of beating the final boss, this site is for those that CAN. Now move on puss.

soccerstar4871d ago

I completly agree with u

kiko894871d ago

couldn't have said it better myself. my would be shorter thou.

Prismo_Fillusion4871d ago

Are you kidding me?
Unlockables is like my favorite game feature...ever.
Every game should have loads of amazing unlockables.

P4KY B4871d ago

Unlocking all the armour was great fun.

Genki4871d ago

Unlocking can be a completely contrived mess when handled irresponsibly. By that I mean in the forms of games like Tekken, where mindlessly beating the same 8 characters in Arcade mode unlocks the rest of the roster.

Then, of course, you must beat the game with the unlocked characters to unlock something else, and then beat the unlockable several times to unlock something, repeat ad nauseum.

That sort of crap completely sucks.

However, in games like the Tales series for example, unlockables change the experience dramatically, as opposed to mindlessly grinding out the same, repetitive task with a different character sprite.

Basically, like ANY game feature, it sucks if it's done poorly, but it's great if done well.