Battlefield 3 - The Honest Verdict - Hands On Recap Part 2 from E3 2011

Battlefield 3 - The Honest Verdict - Hands On Recap Part 2 from E3 2011 by Pixel Enemy and Don't Revive Me Bro

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these complaints are pathetic... You guys said what you want changed and it sounds like you really want crap of dooty... 1)The legs on lunging is awesome... 2)the Kill cam can be toggled and it was shown in other vids 3)A cutscene for entering veicles would waste time, and provide no real benefit to players... Battlefield is meant to be fun... not a simmulater! 4) graphics look better than any other PC GAME! 5) you only got to see a taste of Battlefield... not all fights are on Massive mapps... Finally Battlefield will have variety... Which they lacked in previous games!

Hufandpuf3307d ago

I can't fully agree with you. They obviously only had 10-15 mins on one map in pre-alpha mode so the game is not perfect, of course they would have questions and suggestions in the early stages and also ideas. Further down the line I'm sure DICE will take everyone's comments and suggestions and weed out the ones that really add to the gameplay. Nobody is wrong about the game in this stage because less than 1% of the world has actually played BF3 for 10-15 mins so speculation and criticisms are welcome not thrown away this early. Remember, even the craziest idea can become something incredible.


The spotting thing is a bit queer, you should have to use your eyes and communication rather than hurrr durrr! bwutton pwess! orange marker above your head.

I agree with the animation of getting in and out of vehicles because they are going big on the imersion factor liek whats the point in adding all the parkour elements like Crysis and then warping into a vehicle?

And these guys are doing what needs to be done, they are nitpicking and being critical but thats the best way to be, you dont get great games by pampering developers with praise when the game isnt even out yet. You want to keep asking for more and keep pushing them so they have the motivation and determination to make the best product they can and then praise can come when the game is proven to be good.