Final Fantasy XIII-2, Evangelion, Atelier Meruru and more in this week's Dengeki

Andriasang: Planning to pierce your "Xbot" friends with some stinging disc count jokes when Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out? Not this time! In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation this week, XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama says that because the game's event scenes are mostly real time this time, it's possible that the 360 version will end up having fewer discs.

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Godmars2903315d ago

So Square is aiming for two discs for the XBox version of FFXIII-2, with little to no CG movie segments.


RedDead3315d ago

^^I suppose, the CG doesn't need to be integrated so much. The graphics are fine as they are. Although I like their CG and all.

Peaceful_Jelly3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

I wonder what other stuff they had to sacrifice thanks to he Xbox because they only mention the ones they think that we wouldn't care about.

MaxXAttaxX3315d ago

I don't think it'd be convenient for them to mention anything more than what they already have...

baodeus3315d ago

possibly better gameplay wise maybe? They don't have to compress everything just to save space for CGI. Would u prefer CGI movies, or would u prefer cities, towns, NPC interaction, more questions, explorations, etc?

Godmars2903315d ago

I'd prefer that they had gotten things right in the first place. vsXIII wouldn't be taking this long if that was the case.

plmkoh3315d ago

You know, I'd prefer all of the above.

Ddouble3314d ago

I'm seeing in other places that it could be 4 discs