120° XCOM Preview "Following the release of the ill-fated X-Com: Enforcer in 2001, many believed that the X-Com franchise may never surface again, at least not in an official capacity. There were a few unofficial games which used the UFO name, but they were nothing but spiritual successors like UFO: Alien Invasion. This all changed following the acquisition of the IP by 2K Games as X-Com is now being re-born and re-branded as XCOM under the watchful eye of 2K Marin. And in this preview, we'll take a look at what 2K Marin are doing from the perspective of a fan of the original three, Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse."

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ShawnCollier2686d ago

The opinions on this game sure have been polarizing.

ATiElite2686d ago

i'm NO fan of turn-base RTS but X-com was a classic that had good potential. I was hoping for a real-time RTS with super duper graphics maybe base building and a Warhammer or Company of heroes type of play.

or if they really wanted the FPS involved they could of made it like Natural Selection or Nuclear Dawn and retain the tactical RTS parts but no they made a FPS Mass Effect clone combining Alien Tech and the 1950's sorta like Bioshock.

maybe the new Xenonauts will deliver the goods.

JDouglasGU2686d ago

the devs sound like they have some solid ideas in the pipeline for this... very interested.

mephman2686d ago

Yea, although there isn't much originality.

showtimefolks2686d ago

but than one day i was reading a article it also said ps3 i went to their facebook page and asked with few minutes answered and confirmed it is coming to ps3.

i am interested it looks different hopefully it will be good

Chevalier2686d ago

It's up for preorder on the PS3 already at gamestop/EB I noticed this awhile ago, but, am generally to lazy to post stuff.