GamePron E3 Video interview: Leslie Piritano (Nvidia)

GamePron: Wherever there are video games, you’ll find Nvidia lurking nearby. The hardware company has created some of the world’s most shiny technology, tucked away inside GPUs, video cards and motherboards (not to mention the PS3 console).

It’s no surprise, then, that Nvidia had quite a hefty presence at this year’s E3. We chatted to Leslie from the company, who treated us to a sneaky peek at what’s coming up in Crysis 2‘s Ultra Upgrade, as well as explaining a bit more about what Nvidia has been up to, and what’s coming up in the future for the company.

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SuicideShaun3316d ago

I really want a gtx 590 and 3d surround.

BeastlyRig3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

me to! but I am going with the gtx 570 for BF3!

I might just get a 3d monitor since just about every game now supports 3d!

SuicideShaun3316d ago

I have a 460 but I'm going to throw it in as Physx, I don't know if I'm going to get a 580 or 590 though.

R6ex3316d ago

Oh, and I want the DX11 patch for Crysis 2 QUICK!

My Crysis 2 disc has been sitting around for months, waiting to be played in all its DX11 glory.

benihya3316d ago

old women talking about games is BORING

rushbd3316d ago

I have my gtx560 ready :D

Are_The_MaDNess3316d ago

My 2 GTX 580
with 3GB of VRAM EACH is ready XD

R6ex3316d ago


Kepler had better come out before BF3! lol ;P