First footage of Mutant Mudds for the 3DS eShop

Mutant Mudds is a 2D side scrolling game for the 3DS eShop. The game, originally planned as a DSiWare game, has made it's way to the eShop in 2D form. Mutant Mudds was playable at E3 2011, and the first footage of the game has been posted.

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GuruStarr782773d ago

Look Ok... reminds me a little of a cross between dark void zero and Shantae.

Renegade kid has done some pretty good work on the DS, so this might be one to get, provided it's not over $10.

Fantastical2773d ago

Renegade Kid can do some awesome stuff on Nintendo platforms, so I think this will be really good.

I don't expect this to be over $10 either.