GamesEyeView - Duke Nukem Forever: An Homage to Irrelevance

GEV Says: “Duke Nukem Forever is finally here!!”

Look around the internet this week and that’s the mantra you’ll be seeing on pretty much every video game website. These various articles will tell you about Duke Nukem’s legendary development cycle, how it survived the death of 3D Realms, and the acquisition of it’s rights by Gearbox Software, only for it to finally hit store shelves this week.

But while some sites will follow along with the same old song and dance, acting like they’re really excited to “finally” (you’ll see that word a lot) get their hands on Duke Nuke Forever, those that have already played the game are less than impressed. Take a look at the game’s various Metacritic rankings so far, and you’ll see everything you need to know about this game and why it’s bound to be a disaster before it’s even released.

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