IGN - Rayman Origins Makes Me Feel Like I'm Five Again

IGN - Rayman Origins is a reminder that video games can be beautiful, expressive and innovative without having to rely on blood and shotguns.

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versusALL3311d ago

I can not wait for Rayman Origins, Day 1 buy for me. I loved playing Rayman's 1 & 2 back when I was kid, heck I still enjoy playing them. And so far this game looks fantastic!

Quagmire3310d ago

Man, I wish this developer would make a final Crash Bandicoot and Spyro game. I dont mean in terms of making it 2D, i mean taking it back to its oldskool roots, and like the title says, "making me feel five again"

banjadude3310d ago

I had a blast watching the Ubisoft guys demoing this on stage. It does have that nostalgic vibe to it, which is absolutely welcomed!

Venox20083310d ago

I know that I'll love this game :)