What Could Have Been and May Still Be: TimeSplitters 4

Gaming companies come and go, it's a fact of life. Some come and go without ever leaving so much as a trace that they were here. Others come and make a gigantic splash and leave a crater in the world of video games before before forced to leave the industry against fan desires. While I was cleaning out one of my old gaming bins, I stumbled upon one of the most innovative shooter series to hit the market in a long time by one such ill-fated company: TimeSplitters.

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tomragan3311d ago

I'll never forget those days of playing Timesplitters 2 with my buddies all those years ago. Great series.

rmoar3311d ago

Missing out on the Timesplitters series is one of my gravest sins.

TheFodi3311d ago

Timesplitters was an excellent game. All of the different multiplayer modes and characters were awesome. I'd love to see a new game for the series.

BitbyDeath3311d ago

It is too bad Free Radical decided on Haze instead of another entry to Time Splitters, they could have easily made millions from that one title alone even if it were a PS3 exclusive.

I bet the previous management are still kicking themselves over that one.

TheFodi3311d ago

I never played Haze, but I heard it was awful.

honestpizza3311d ago

Haze was garbage... they really had their priorities in the wrong place with that game. I so badly wish they would have dumped that game and gone with TS.

pungello19883311d ago

I would love to see another Timesplitters game, I hope it doesn't fall by the wayside

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