PlayStation Move Ape Escape E3 2011 Trailer First Impressions [] makes com­men­tary of a com­pletely botched trailer for Ape Escape on PlaySta­tion Move (or what­ever they’re call­ing it now) in this first impres­sions of the E3 2011 trailer.

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jukins2735d ago

lol some idiots you said it yourself. this isnt ape escape one this is clearly a mini game collection aimed at kids. apparently thats wrong for sony to do lol. not that i'd buy it but what was so bad about the trailer? really?

NewMonday2735d ago

they like the game but hate the ad.

dont know what the fuss is about, the ad actually sold me on the game.

earbus2735d ago

I agree the kids looked like they were having fun ,i remember a time when fun was more dominant than hating showing my age there,i dont see a thing wrong with it fun used to be cool.

Jamaicangmr2735d ago

Really you guys are seriously making this big of a fuss over an Ad? Then farther said it's a good game check it out, it just seems like dudes just nit picking an Ad.

Yeah you don't like the video but you said the videogame is good. Not that big of a deal really guys.

Danji2735d ago

Having played the game i can honestly say that this Ape Escape game would do world's better if the only ad out there wasn't an obnoxious pile of shit. I've played every Ape Escape game and I can tell you that this ad would have scared me away from the original game back when it came out. I have always hated this disney channel-esque empty pop-rock sound and feature kids looking like tards in video game commercials. This ad sucks. The game is good.

MinusTheBear2735d ago

They are still making a fully fledged Ape Escape besides this mini-game collection so I don't really care.