Iron Man game designers using ILM model

The Iron Man video game has two strikes against it, by merit of being (1) a licensed product and (2) poised to be released alongside a movie. However, there are some benefits to the movie connection. Speaking to USA Today, Sega of America Senior Producer Mike McHale revealed that they had received the CG model for Iron Man himself created by Industrial Light & Magic for use in the film.

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power of Green 4871d ago

3 strikes having last generation hardware in mind.

theoneandonly4871d ago

The Halo 3 and Forza bundles just got released in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, soon they will be in every shop.

Like I said, don't be ignorant. Enjoy it while it lasts for Europe.

Because once the Half-Life bundles come out, its basically OVER.

Virtua Fighter 5, Naruto, Viva Pinata, Eternal Sonata and a group of other games just barely got released.

Lets say they spread out the bundles. Or let them ride out one at a time. Either way, there's a storm brewing. =)

Once you tally up all the 50 million Xbox owners, and 70 million PS2 owners worldwide there's a core market that's larger than both combined:

THE PC + STRATEGIST MARKET. More than 300 million play PCs, more than consoles. All of them will finally pick a console. That console will be chosen based on key criteria:

A) WHO HAS THE BEST ONLINE GAMES. Here 360 wins easily on all fronts.
B) WHO HAS THE BEST ONLINE SERVICE. Again 360 dominates it on all sides.
C) WHO HAS THE MOST VARIED GAME LIBRARY. With RPGs, Action Games, Sports, AAA Third Person Shooters and First Person Shooters, Plus Strategy Games like Command & Conquer: WARLORDS coming.....this isn't even a contest at all. 360 Completely ANNHIALATES the PS3.
D) WHO HAS THE MOST VALUE FOR THE MONEY. With every kind of game they can pick up and play, plus HALF LIFE on steroids and the promise of the next DOOM.....And with ALAN WAKE alongside PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER: ONLINE this isn't even a contest.

PS3 barely makes it past the first bar. XBOX360 will completely obliterate it in EUROPE, at the end, because they have already expanded their market 3-fold. The PS3 will "BE CRUSHED" in Europe, while the 360 continues to go along to get along in Japan and increase everywhere else.

Smee, You don't need to be arrogant, enjoy your small little feeling of grace while it lasts. The Xbox crowd is laughing at you who think you are number one. You were never number one, AND KICKING THE $HIT OUT OF YOU WILL BE ENJOYABLE WITHOUT RUBBING IT IN. Like a high-school kid who threw himself on a playground he couldn't play ball in.


MrWonderful4871d ago

at least the character model looks so nice and shiny


looks like ps3 will be the only platform capable of doing this game in realtime

The Panther4871d ago

? Dispite the fact that the x360 is the lead platform?

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