Here’s What’s New In Mass Effect 3

Bioware is adding a bunch of new features to Mass Effect 3. Here are the best and worst new additions to their critically acclaimed franchise.

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Greycat_James2685d ago

All that and Kinect Voice commands. It'll be nice to use voice commands that actually work for a change.

EvilDonkey2685d ago

Yeah... Would also be nice if they added RPG and not only shooter features...

Blacktric2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I demand an even bigger ass for Miranda. Make it happen = GOTY...

PS3pwnz2685d ago

I was so immersed in the ME2 game, it's scary. For days, I did not do anything but progress in the game. I then had that empty feeling when I finished it.

It only lasted 2 minutes until I restarted the campaign.
The Mass Effect series RULES!

Tony P2685d ago

Ok, so they improved the shooter part of ME.

What did they do to improve the game as an RPG?