PlayStation 3 Sees 14 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth For May 2011

Sony has responded to the May 2011 NPD report.

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blumatt2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Sony doesn't NEED to respond to sales data. They've got the most exclusives this year and likely next and to them, quality is much more important than sales.

And, something that Sony does aside from tons of first party exclusives, is to make deals with third parties for [true] exclusive content like how you get Bioshock 1 for free with Bioshock Ininite and you get Battlefield 1942 with Battlefield 3. Also, last year we got Medal of Honor Frontlines with Medal of Honor and we got Dead Space Extraction with Dead Space 2.

Still, I'm not gonna lie. Sony has made some mistakes this gen. But, if the PS Vita is any indication, they've learned from those mistakes and won't repeat them for the PS4. The biggest thing Sony has learned is how to properly price something. The PS Vita's price was a shock to everyone and why it will do very well I'm sure.

Well, yeah, but I'm just referring to consoles, not PC. lol

Edit: lol I'm not trying to argue with you, man. Of course, the PC is a gaming device, but not a console. Again, I don't feel the need to argue about this.

manumit2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

HAHAHAHA! Deniale Much?

MinusTheBear2681d ago

You guys conveniently ignore all the articles about WW sales where the PS3 still outsells the 360 week after week.

shoddy2681d ago

me no care, stop bitching.

longcat2681d ago

Its cool bro...I aint even mad

r212681d ago

deniale? french or spanish ??????

YodaCracker2681d ago

@MinusTheBear: "You guys conveniently ignore all the articles about WW sales where the PS3 still outsells the 360 week after week."

O RLY? And are you ignoring these articles?

Microsoft reports worldwide Q1 2011 sales of Xbox 360 - 2.7m units
Sony reports worldwide Q1 2011 sales of PlayStation 3 - 2.1m units

MaxXAttaxX2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

What happened to that gap the 360 had after that one year head start on PS3? It's like 4 times smaller!

Kinect? GTFO with that.

RedDragan2681d ago


theIMP2681d ago

LOL @ NathanExplosion
360 sold more WW so you have to completely change to topic to try and “win” the debate. Now it’s about how much the gap closed? You must be pretty mad to have to try and spin it like that. Man you fanboys kill me sometimes with how emotional involved you get with these discussions.

MinusTheBear said " You guys conveniently ignore all the articles about WW sales where the PS3 still outsells the 360 week after week".

So YodaCracker posted two articles that showed the 360 selling more WW lately, and you get mad and say some completely unrelated sh#t like that. LOL sad and pathetic.

MaxXAttaxX2680d ago

How is it a spin?

360 has more sales BECAUSE it released one year ahead. There's no two ways about it.

The lead the 360 had over the PS3 was 4 times what it is now.

This means PS3 sells more within the same amount of time.

This is not debatable.

Oner2680d ago

Actually the PS3 sells more in LESS time Nathan ;)

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LOGICWINS2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

"Sony doesn't NEED to respond to sales data. They've got the most exclusives this year and likely next and to them, quality is much more important than sales."

Okay Blumatt, first of all..the PC has the most exclusive games this year(over 90 actually).

^^See, I have evidence..something CLEARLY missing from your argument.

Second, even if the PS3 DID have the most exclusives this year..what does that have to do with Sony responding to sales numbers?

"Well, yeah, but I'm just referring to consoles, not PC."

So a PC isn't a gaming console? LMAO, I like you. You make me laugh.

Simon_Brezhnev2681d ago

all you ever do is try to argue with people.

LOGICWINS2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I'm simply pointing out an error that someone made. What? I'm not allowed to do that. LOL, thats what the comment section is for. Your free to use the ignore button if you don't like my comments.

Simon_Brezhnev2681d ago

I'm simply pointing out what you always do. LOL

jlar2681d ago

I'm sorry, but get a life....arguing over the internet is dumb and pointless. People mainly use computers for reasons other than gaming. IMO it is a lot more fun to play on a console than a computer, especially when friends and family are over. Yeah they may have a higher resolution, but most gamers play on the couch with a controller and not a keyboard, play games that are not weird and time consuming, and because of the major social aspect it allows instead of playing alone...just try it.

It's always dumb when we see people trolling because they have no life. (IF YOU DON'T LIKE CERTAING THINGS, AVOID THEM) Otherwise, you're only making that certain matter all that more valuable in everyone's eyes...even though you are not aware of it.

Legion2681d ago


It appears to me that he is simply just directly contradicting facts that are being presented for argument by another poster.

It seems like all you ever do is complain about others not taking your side?

xabmol2681d ago


Best description of N4G ever.

NateCole2681d ago

Dude. Did you just call the PC a console?. LMAO!!

Otheros002681d ago

Where's your logic? Pc isn't a console.

RedDevils2681d ago

Yeah Pc is not a console, but it definitely gaming platform

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Loner2681d ago

"quality is much more important than sales"
Sony are a business.Sales are the most important thing to them.Full stop

longcat2681d ago

Sales peak and fall for many reasons which, at times are beyond your control and have nothing to do with quality.

Consistently making a quality product will get you more good years that bad in the long term.

Ask apple or nintendo

sdtarm2681d ago

and why should we care about their business? I only care about games

Sinkway2681d ago

Loner c'mon man. All business' care about sales its f***ing money man! I'm sure business' wouldn't do well if all they cared about were chocolate bars and movie session times.

guigsy2681d ago

@ sdtarm

The quality/quantity of their games rides on the success of their business. Don't be ignorant.

-Alpha2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )


Well then why are you in a sales article?

No offense, but it's annoying that when PS3 sales are not going to plans, everybody says "Games matter" It's an off-topic tactic to shrug off negative news about sales

But when sales are high (see GT5) then sales rock and testify to the quality of a game. It's an annoying double standard

LOGICWINS2681d ago

"and why should we care about their business? I only care about games"

Then why are you commenting/clicking on an article that has to do with PS3 hardware sales?

Godmars2902681d ago

"When sales are adequate, then you can worry about quality."

The Wii proves this just as much as COD, Pokemon and Madden. Sadly.

gamingdroid2681d ago

"The Wii proves this just as much as COD, Pokemon and Madden. Sadly."

... and there in lies the flaw. Simply because you don't like it, but millions of others prefer it and willing to buy it, clearly they consider it quality product.

There is no better vouch for quality than actually shelling out hard earned money for the game, especially if they are all priced the same!

Now what that quality is debatable, I will give you that.

Fallouts2681d ago

Thats ridiculous! One bubble!

Had me wondering too.... I mean yea quality is important but slugish sales can put that to an end and that's no good..

bennyace2681d ago

It's funny that a lot of people seem to think that MS is after our money while Sony is after our happiness as gamers. And if they could they would give us everything for free!

EVERY COMPANY IS IN IT FOR THE MONEY!!! It's as simple as that...

shoddy2681d ago

Some good business is better than another for customers caring or quality.

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Raven_Nomad2681d ago

Sony is a business, don't be fooled, it's all about making money. Same with Nintendo and Microsoft. Your crazy if you don't think Sony would have liked to have better numbers.

There not in the charity business, Maybe one day UNICEF will get into the gaming business... ...but until then, ...

oohWii2681d ago

Made, for over 6 months now, Sony refuses to put out any numbers when they comment. I don't understand why Sony won't reinforce their comments with firm numbers. Puzzling.

gamingdroid2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Because the numbers would show the opposite of what Sony want you to believe!

That said, all companies do that. MS or Nintendo don't talk about numbers unless it is to their advantage.

candystop2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Sony are bunch of liars. Strange how 2 months ago they confirmed with game informer Move reached 4.1 million and then at E3 went with the net and said 8.1 million or so. Funny to watch this arrogant company and it's pathetic fanboys use there double standards. Bragging about crap exclusives (a majority of them)just to feel as if Sony somehow is the only company doing something right. Just a sad bunch of funny little twisters on this site always trying to downplay the better product.

edit below:"Gamers shouldn't care about sales, the only thing that matters is if a good game sells enough to make a sequel."

So in your own words gamers should care about sales because without them we wouldn't get sequels we want.

DigitalRaptor2681d ago

Honestly, I don't know what to say Candystop.

I mean you've always been this jealous deluded little Microsoft fanboy, and you have the cheek to call people fanboys whilst most of your arguments contain double standards or lack of truth...

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lategamer2681d ago

Gamers shouldn't care about sales, the only thing that matters is if a good game sells enough to make a sequel.

Companies, however, care. If they could have the most sales, and no exclusives, they would do it.

dkp232681d ago

Yes, sony should be responding to sales data. While quality in games matters more than sales, to the average gamer outside of fanboys, it is the sales that drives the quality of these games. Without sales, you dont have the games...

Obviously Sony is doing well this generation so even though they are behind both Nintendo and MS, Sony has had been doing quite well this gen..

Tigan2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

As opposed to the gamecube?? or the first xbox?? or maybe even the ps2??

Last gen it was all sony with the ps2. that's when sony was really doing well but this gen not so much.

kingdoms2681d ago

Ps3 is done, why do you think Nintendo was forced to slap together that monstrosity of a console at this year's E3? I will tell you why, It's because the myth of the 360 being weaker than PS3 was destroid and Kinect.

baodeus2681d ago


U may not concern about data like this and only about games, but to Sony, it is more about this data then games. It is a major factor for how they are going to conduct business, which affect everything including games that u want, so u should care if you support sony.

Just think about it, they keep on funding exclusives after exclusives, but if they aren't making money (or not making as much as they planned), do u think they gonna keep that up (example KZ3 selling less than KZ2 with higher consoles sold)?

Sony don't have a money making machine i hope u know that.

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Nes_Daze2681d ago

"..we continue to show our commitment to delivering the best and freshest content line-up available to our consumers"
Yes you do.

B1663r2681d ago

No they do not. "freshest" implies new IP, every game on Sonys plate this year is LastYearsGame+1, every last damn game. Also, they have been consistently metacritic scoring in the low 80's...

Which reflects my own observation of PS3 games... The games feel lifeless and dull and uninspired.

Before you know it, we are gonna get a My Little Pony's game on the xbox + kinect and with that combo we will go to dominance!

Never doubt the power of Ponies.

Silly gameAr2681d ago

"No they do not. "freshest" implies new IP, every game on Sonys plate this year is LastYearsGame+1, every last damn game. Also, they have been consistently metacritic scoring in the low 80's..."

I was wondering when people were going to try to bring this up.

Lifeless and uninspired? That's entirely your opinion. I think Sony makes some of the best games I've played this gen. I don't need bs scores to tell me what's good and what isn't.

Your My Little Ponies on Kinect comment, you might want to pitch that to MS. I think you have something there.

SweatyFlorida2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

oh you Ps3 haters xD and with 1 bubble too! Yah I'm sure Sesame Street is gonna get an 9.0 and automatically be better than Killzone 3. SCORES MEAN [email protected]

Starhawk>New IP
Dust 514>New IP
oh and their not move/kinect related LOL
So Microsoft new IP's>none,zip,nada

Nes_Daze2681d ago

I think your comment was more of a joke, and I think you forgot to add sarcasm at the end, either way, I think SillyGamer summed up pretty much what my response would be.

KonaBro2681d ago

"No they do not. "freshest" implies new IP, every game on Sonys plate this year is LastYearsGame+1, every last damn game. Also, they have been consistently metacritic scoring in the low 80's..."

And the award for Stupidest Comment of the Day goes to....

Otheros002681d ago

Nintendo does this EVERY GENERATION. So, why are you only against Sony about it. At least they give us NEW IP every generation instead of rehashing the same shit every generation like nintendo.

And last but mostly, WHY ARE YOU NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT COD?! It's the same shit every year and yet you only complain about sony making squeals to the IPs they created "this gen".

squallheart2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

You really need to open ure eyes at all the games that are unique and available to ps3 apart from first party b1 whatever ure name is. Demons soul for once but look at all the titles nis america publishes. Most people that argue against sony look at their first party line up but at least they take risks ie heavy rain. Its not our fault you try to bring the same titles in your arguments. If you dont like what sony doesnt bring to the table dont troll the posts you dont see me doing on 360 articles because i dont own one.

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ForROME2681d ago

This is an article about SALES not about, best exclusives, stay on topic.

Lyr1c2681d ago

This is news 4 gamers, not news 4 stockholders.

Perhaps this article doesn't even belong on the site.

-Alpha2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Can we get rid of all the "PS3 passes 360 in worldwide sales" and "GT5 sells X million" articles too then? Don't hear anyone complaining when those come around.

Sales are a factor in gaming. Gamers are interested in them. You don't have to be a stockholder to read sales articles. Don't bring quality in my sales threads, and I wont bring sales in your quality threads.

Max_Dissatisfaction2681d ago

Alpha could you please stop using logic, you're scaring the trolls and illogical people away. Thank you

LOGICWINS2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

^^This could be the best comment I've heard since I've joined N4G. Although, you already have seven bubbles, you and people like you deserve more.

EDIT: My comment was in reference to offense Max ;)

Legion2681d ago

Sales ultimately factor in to what games are available for your platform. If games do not sell then developers will move to a platform that will gain more sales.

Lyr1c2681d ago

It doesn't matter if gamers are interested in sales numbers. Gamers could be interested in astrophysics, but that doesn't mean astrophysics belongs on the site.

The fact that you don't "see anyone complaining" on other sales related articles is irrelevant to what I just said. I said that stock-related threads shouldn't be on the site, why would you assume that I'm fine with other stock-related threads? It's completely backwards in terms of logic.

Lastly, I didn't bring quality into your sales thread. I brought reason to a person's statement through a reply.

Get off of your high-horse. You're replying to me with information that doesn't even relate to what I said.

kingdoms2681d ago

They're complaints over sales articles are getting worse because everybody knows the PS3 is no longer outselling the 360 worldwide. Sony can no Longer hide it., so the denial adrenaline rush is wearing off and it makes them angry. So many people with their eyes on Sony after psn problems, Sony don't dare try to fool the industry with fictional sales figures. This is why Sony did not try and fluff their E3 lineup with games 5 years down the road this year.

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nightmarex1212681d ago

There already the same article in the banner.

Alpha_Gamer2681d ago

I swear, NPD draws in the stupidest comments ever. And what`s with all of this gloom and doom directed at Sony? I could have sworn I just read that the PS3 had a 14% increase from last year. That`s pretty good considering the circumstances.

Tru_Ray2681d ago

A 14% percent increase from last year is positive news. The haters obviously have limited knowledge when it comes to stock investing.

A 14% year-over-year increase, while not spectacular, is pretty solid considering the totality of the circumstances.