Duke Nukem Forever Review -

MMGN writes: It’s a real shame to say this, but Duke Nukem Forever is a terrible game. The weight of expectation was too much for this game to bare. It lacks originality and polish throughout, with terrible platforming elements, a distinctive lack in shooting combat (I thought this was a FPS?) and a multiplayer component that is just too bad for words. After over a decade in development it’s safe to say that Duke Nukem Forever would have been better off remaining as vaporware. The character of Duke Nukem is all but dead after this tiresome, frustrating and ugly affair.

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ZBlacktt2685d ago

I think by now we all get it, lol.

guitarded772685d ago

This game should be real cheap, real fast... I still want to play it but $20 - $30 sounds about right.

Blaze9292685d ago

they fact that they SERIOUSLY thought they could sell this for $59.99 at launch is ridiculous though. straight smack tot he face to gamers - evens fans of Duke

Jack-Dangerously2685d ago

That's how I've felt. I DEFINITELY want to play this game. But not at full price....

Would have been great if I had felt the need to buy on day one though... :/

rmedtx2685d ago

That was harsh... I don't think the game is that bad. But I'm not buying it until it drops the price.

the_kutaragi_baka2685d ago

I'm suprised Duke fanboys expected a really good game. Longer time in development usually ISNT a good thing... lol

Magnus2685d ago

Think I'll just save the $59.99 and go to Blockbuster and rent it for $10.00 see if it is even worth playing in the future when it hits the $20.00 mark in the bargain bin in Wal-Mart.