Xboxliveaddicts: Duke Nukem Forever review

Xboxliveaddicts writes; 15 years in development, 3 developers later and a whole lot of waiting and we finally have it now that 3D Realms and Gearbox studios have it completed and published, the infamous Duke Nukem Forever was finally released for us all to enjoy. So how did it stack up now we finally get to play it.

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the_kutaragi_baka2685d ago

lol this game getting hammered in reviews..... latest one is IGN at 5.5/10.

Lightel0s2685d ago

IGN have poor reviews lately.... this game it´s pretty good and it´s what i was expecting after 14 or more years of wait.

dredgewalker2685d ago

I think this game was meant for the earlier generations of gamers like us. I don't think the young ones today have never even played the original and may only know Duke by his name. I haven't played it yet so I can't really judge this game cause I don't really trust reviews these days unlike in the old days.

Grannyvukka2685d ago

Idiots would know a good game if it cut off there incredibly small, hopefully non-verile testicles off & shoved those hairy marbles down there throats. How dare all these retarded reviewers underscore this gem of a game by such a huge ammount.....

Anyone would think Sony made this game if you look at some of the mongoloydel scores they have given it...I mean sure it's not a ten worthy game, or even a 9 & some may debate it getting an 8 even......but after purchasing the game & enjoying it enough to play through several levels on my 1st quick play, as well as checking out the onlines worthyness, I must say, these idiots giving the game 2's & 3's just want to see there name up in lights & sites getting hits for reasons other than there journalistic skills (in fact, you will see the contrary & realize these geese deserve no place reviewing games).

I mean, for me the game is easily 7.5-8 worthy & personally I enjoyed the weapons & several other of the aspects most complained about in some of these crappy reviews..... For great contradictions I read some trashy sites 2 out of 10 review & they mentioned the crappy controls/gameplay as well as the horrible levels....then I read the wrap up of the IGN 5 out of 10 review & the main 2 positives they mentioned were good controls/gameplay & great levels......huh, did I miss something here....How can supposed subjective media give out such crappy reviews that put a game down with the worst of the worst, when Duke is a far, far, cry from the worst & is a nice little tribute & heartbeat to let fans know that the series is still alive & kicking.