Joystiq- Silent Hill: Downpour Preview: Shattered Homecoming

Joystiq: "Downpour takes place in the southeastern portion of Silent Hill, an area not yet seen in the series. The particular area I visited included a dilapidated gas station nestled against a dark, rainy forest. Controls operate in a manner similar to Homecoming, though a few features are borrowed from Shattered Memories as well.

Combat enters somewhat new territory in Downpour, as Murphy won't be compiling an inventory of permanent weapons. Instead, weapons are found within the environment itself and disposed of at will. During my demo, I used a crowbar to remove a lock from a fence and later took on a horde of witch-like ghouls with a shovel. Murphy can also throw weapons directly at foes, though my shovel seemed less than ideal as a spear. Combat in general didn't have a very good feel to it: my shovel's impacts barely seemed to register."

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Alos882687d ago

It looks pretty good imo, even the music didn't sound terrible (maybe a little generic compared to Yamoaka's style though).

stragomccloud2687d ago

I'm gonna' miss Yamaoka with Silent Hill! Anyway, I really wish this game would support Playstation Move for more of a Shattered Memories feel. What a great game that was!