BF3 DLC Boycott hits Gamer Media

Over the past few days there has been a extensive uproar from the Battlefield Community about DLC's and the pre-order benefits. Looks like everyone from the creator of Minecraft to PCGamer Magazine are talking about it. What can we expect to see out of this?

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earbus2681d ago

People stamping their feet like brats gets things done like the removal of the boomerang from ps3,no no no im gonna poop my pants till they cange their minds wah wah.

unicron72681d ago

Precisely. crybabies will be crybabies. Are the extra weapons for preorders even really that big of a game changer? People need to grow up. Then again, look at the people that stomped their feet during the PSN outage. "I want free stuff wah wah wah."

stloony2681d ago

Lighten up, complaining has a purpose and as long as it's done in a respectful manner, people should complain all they want. It's how the wrongs in the world are made right. It all starts with someone with the courage to complain.

Would you rather people just sit by while the temp in the pot is rising, or to speak up and be heard?

Cerberus292680d ago

I don't understand the all crying about the preorder stuff. JUST GO PREORDER IT, then you have nothing to worry about anyway.