Third-parties win E3 as show begins to lose relevance

VG247: "E3 week is our busiest of the year. Normally, Tokyo Game Show, GDC and gamescom pale in comparison on the hectic scale. E3, a show grounded on the need for publishers to show their goods to retail buyers in the lead into the holiday season, has become an annual touch-point for the global industry, traditionally showing us where we are and where we’re going in the coming years.

Unfortunately, though, huge shifts in the way the games industry operates recently left E3 2011 failing to deliver on these criteria, and yet another question mark over the validity of the show itself.

In truth, E3 2011 wasn’t that busy."

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TheKindRoost2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

E3 is indeed losing its relevance as Gamescon and TGS get twice the amount of visitors e3 gets.

NovusTerminus2773d ago

I won't say E3 is losing relevance, however I think if they make bigger announcements then they would become bigger again.