Rift Concept Art Released at This Year's E3

If you haven't heard by now, Rift is awesome. It may a bit bold to say that it is becoming the next WoW, but in a world where MMORPGs are a dime a dozen, this one certainly has the potential to go the distance. Naturally, the game received quite a bit of love at this year's E3 and the developers released some of the initial concept art used to design the game.

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flipmop442688d ago

I love concept art even when it's rejected ideas.

pungello19882688d ago

Yeah, a lot of the time the concept art is cooler than the final product in-game.

honestpizza2688d ago

Rejected ideas are the best! They usually end up being the ones that people would have wanted in the first place.

ares21al2688d ago

This is My favorite MMO in many years, took soo many functioning ideas from other MMOs and combined them while adding to it with innovation.

TheFodi2688d ago

I'm really eager to play Rift, and looking at concept art is only making me want to join sooner.

Cwalk8162688d ago

Whoa, I've never heard of Rift before, but this art is kinda making me interested, is it free or like pay to play?

tomragan2688d ago

I'm still on WoW, waiting for the next best thing - this or Diablo 3? Hmm...

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