The Nintendo Wii U - More hardware for Sony & MS to imitate?

Will Sony and Microsoft once again follow in Nintendo's footsteps and emulate their style of controller?

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Rikitatsu4554d ago

The VITA already does what the Wii U does.

KILLERAPP4554d ago

It does to certain point but with Wii U you can’t take away your little screen more than 20 feet from your console but with the Vita you can take it anywhere but have to buy the PS3 version and the vita version so both will have things or I my wrong…

Anarki4554d ago

What? Remote Play? been playing console games on my PSP for years.

Just_The_Truth4554d ago

you don't have two buy both versions all the games period will be on psn(and some on the cards) copy and paste same as the psp.

SilentNegotiator4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

Vita was announced a long time ago. It's a handheld, but look at the features list. It has what 3DS has minus the 3D, and some of its own features (like back touchpad and 3G). The Vita on its own does most of what the WiiU does.

The trackpad could potentially function for the L2/R2, do what they did with the ninja star concept, golf (A lot more accurate with a pad than a camera), etc.

"yea because a vita comes with the purchase of every ps3 right ensuring that developers utilize this technology to its fullest right ?"
Why would you even need to do it that way? Nintendo is the one touting the stupid little screen play feature thing as one of its most important features anyway. I'll take the system that can be played further than 'the other room.....maybe'

MaxXAttaxX4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

The tablet controller is kinda cool(I guess), but it has yet to appeal to me.
It only displayed casual games.

@article author
Just because Nintendo said they were returning to their hardcore audience doesn't make it fact without any evidence.
The core games were shown off aside and didn't seem to implement the Wii-U's tablet controller in any interesting way aside from "remote play" which people have been doing with the PS3 and PSP for years already.

The main difference is that the Wii-U's tablet controller can be used no further away than any other controller. So might as well play it on the actual TV.
With the PSVita + PS3 you can take it ANYWHERE.

And the fact that PS3s don't come with a PSVita is NOT an issue for those who really want it.
There are over 70 million PSP owners, that's a lot more that PS3 owners. So many are bound to have one anyways.
Besides PSVita is a full gaming system!

P.S. The Move was in development since 2002.

evrfighter4553d ago

Wasn't in development since 2002. That would mean they were actively devloping it.

The concept was thought up in 2002 but even then motion tech as an idea was around for much longer

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Misterhbk4554d ago

Nintendo comes with hardware that is doing what others have already been doing and now they're the breaking new ground? I think not. Sony has been doing remote play. Tablets are nothing new, and even streaming gaming is nothing new. I'd like to know what is new with this thing? Even the dreamcast had a screen, albeit a small one, but it had a screen nonetheless on the controller.

The only new things I see here are the ways you send content from the tablet to the tv (while the console is on). Other than that most of what we've seen has been done before.

Giant_Chibi4554d ago

Exactly what I was gonna say. Someone on gaf already posted some pics of re2 on the dreamcast and the controller's screen would display the health status, the ammo counter, and the type of weapon equipped. Nintendo is not the originator of everything.

If sony is "imitating" nintendo, then by that logic nintendo was also "imitating" sony by including 2 analog sticks on the gamecube controller because sony was the first to implement dual analog. But, nobody ever points that out. The reality is that every system has contributed to the gaming industry in their own way, which has set the new standard for each competitor to follow. If they didn't "imitate" the competition's successes then they would come across as out of date or behind the times. Dreamcast was the first to introduce dlc and online gaming for home consoles. You could also say that ms, nintendo, and sony imitated that too but that's not the case, because we all normally understood that this was a new standard for the future of video gaming and therefore, sony, ms, and nintendo went forward with that.

metsgaming4554d ago

heck the psp did some of what the wii u does

Shackdaddy8364554d ago

gamecube/gameboy advance did the same thing to an extent. It's nothing new...

Blacktric4554d ago

And for 250 bucks. Nintendo should stop trying to create gimmicky products and focus on their hardcore lineup. I mean they haven't announced one new IP for the Wii U. It's always Zelda, Metroid, Mario or a mashup game like Smash Brothers and then a buttload of shovelware.

Sarick4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

To be honest I've been using the wii soly for netflix now. Non-HD is less bandwidth and more useful to me then the hd from ps3 or pc counterparts.

The Wii has nothing of interest but it's controller interface in netflix is cool imho.

Honky Kong4554d ago

That sucks... I can play about 10,000 games on my wii. It's hard to choose but I usually play some monster hunter or smash. Plenty of good games. Xenoblade and the Last story on the way. Patched Fatal frame 4 is another gem.

user8586214554d ago

Lets see if sony utilizes this opportunity or... "Leaves it up to developers"

farhad2k84554d ago

I'm a PS3/VITA fan, but I'd be more than happy for Microsoft to release a hand held. I wonder what they could do with it.

Come on Microsoft, make something that could have the slightest of chance against the VITA!

Christopher4554d ago

Let's let them try and make it in the cellphone market first...

zinkabass4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

Xbox-Hand Grande

I believe that is, what it is going to be called,..

saladthieves4554d ago


Those are some serious bubbles you've got there. Can I have half of them?

socomnick4554d ago

yea because a vita comes with the purchase of every ps3 right ensuring that developers utilize this technology to its fullest right ?

Anyways, hopefully ms and Sony copies this controller its so much better then move or kinect.

Bell Boy4554d ago

played have you...all if,buts and maybes thus far...even the game footage of multi plats was PS3 & 360

kulex474554d ago

Move & Kinect don't come with the purchase or every ps3/xbox360 and yet developers are still making lots of games for them aren't they?...

kulex474554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )

...double post because the internet is broken...

gta28004554d ago

Why would they "imitate"? The only reason Sony and Microsoft made motion controls was because of the success of the Wii. We don't even know how the Wii U is going to sell. I don't see the casuals jumping ship either. So if this whole, screen on the controller thing doesn't take off, Sony and Microsoft wont bother heading in that direction. But if it becomes something that people like/want then Sony might do their own, only they will probably do it the same way they did it with their motion controls. They won't make it mandatory it will be more of an optional thing for those who are interested.

moparful994554d ago

Actually sony has been working on motion controls since the begining of the ps2 era... Just because nintendo decided to release a console that revolved around the motion concept doesnt make them first in that area...

Mini Mario4554d ago (Edited 4554d ago )


"Actually sony has been working on motion controls since the begining of the ps2 era... Just because nintendo decided to release a console that revolved around the motion concept doesnt make them first in that area... "

Coulda, woulda, shoulda...DIDN'T.

Either way ever heard of a crappy controller by the name of the power glove? Why dont we go back that far if we are go on about something sony "may" have done but never did 10 years ago.

Kinect on the other hand however is more like the lame eye toy.

Ravenor4554d ago

Are we aware that the Wii U isn't a handheld device?