E3 2011: Move Over Uncharted, Tomb Raider Is Reclaiming Its Throne

"Long before the days of Nathan Drake stole the spotlight, Lara Croft was the name everyone associated with dangerous, ancient ruin exploration. As one of the first major recognized adventurers, Ms. Croft is definitely well-know, but she has a lot of time to make up for with other series trying to move in on her territory. Instead of building upon the existing icon, Crystal Dynamics is looking to reinvent Lara by presenting players with a young, vulnerable woman right after college and heading on her first adventure. By creating a new origins story, Crystal Dynamics hopes that this new spin on the classic icon will rebuild the bond gamers once had with Lara Croft." - JPS

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himdeel2687d ago

ROLFLMFAO!!!! No seriously what?!

sdtarm2687d ago

if they are gonna hype like this the game is just gonna get crushed

Sunhammer2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Hype is what's gonna kill this game and websites like this one will be to blame.

So far, it's nothing but QTE spamming and endless moaning. What else do we have to go by besides a CGI trailer?

Leave it to the moron who wrote this. Gonna make everyone hate the game before it's even out. Wake me up when Tomb Raider reaches Uncharted tech. Wake me up when Tomb Raider wins 50+ GOTY awards.

news4me2687d ago

What a joke. Some writers shouldn't write at all lol.

Blacktric2687d ago

When there is a place for both of these awesome games in the world, it's LMAO indeed. Unnecessary headline.

Lekumkee2687d ago Show
jdfoster002687d ago

Ha! - Enough said. Some sad, sad fanboys out their!!!

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Bell Boy2687d ago

The original Tomb Raider was a fantastic game imo...the rest were borefests until the PSN title..

Uncharted however started amazingly and got better and 3 looks like Naughty Dog as no intention stopping to push and improve the series even further..

So while I hope the new Tomb Raider is awesome I kinda doubt it will be beating Uncharted 3 anytime soon

the_kutaragi_baka2687d ago

I never liked Tomb Raider to begin with so I'm sure the game sucked.

phoenixdown2687d ago

uncharted is the king of tps/action adventure games right now. uncharted 3 will blow away that new tomb raider so much that it can't even compete when it releases. people will just compare it to uncharted 3 lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.