Raw DLC: DLC-Live Episode 44 – Get your arse to Mars

This week on DLC-Live Dave, Nachos and Josh put out one last show from the Geek Actually studio. The lads leave more destruction in their wake than usual as they review Red Faction: Armageddon. Celebrating gaming nirvana, the guys treat the Live show viewers to a bucket load of E3 trailers (videos below for audio listeners). What’s on offer? The “soon to be banned” The Darkness II, a salute to Boba Fett with Prey 2 and the rascals scrutinise Lara Croft’s new proportions in the yet again rebooted Tomb Raider. Plus you get the bonus plan as Nachos gets balls deep into Deux Ex: Human Revolution. Next week is the E3 show in an all new studio!

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