Our lowest settings looks worse than Crytek's - how will your's stack up?

The much anticipated Crysis single-player demo was released for download Friday night, and naturally we had to have a go at it. Most of us (PC editor excluded) lack any significant horsepower under our desks, so it's DX9 and low settings or nothing. To our delight, our mediocre systems are at least capable of rendering Crysis' intricate jungle setting well enough to play.

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Charlie26884869d ago

Well I was VERY frustrated with the DX10 on Crysis, I can ran the game on DX9 with everything on max but as soon as I switch to DX10 my frames go to hell, and it seems even people with 8800 Ultras seem to suffer from criminal loss of frames on DX10

So what the hell Crytek and NVIDIA!! WHAT THE HELL!

Cartesian3D4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

its about VISTA .. VISTA is a piece of crap right now..may be they will fix it with Service packs or Firmware updates (I dont think so)...

just visit and search for Memory usage with same system on both XP and VISTA..

VISTA use 2 times more memory in some situations and give us less performance.. BS

felman874869d ago

It looks great even on a $#@!ty rig.

mighty_douche4869d ago

ive got...

Q6600 oced @ 2.78ghz
2 gig OCZ 800mhz
8800GTX oced

and still i couldnt play this game at very high even at some 'low' res's (by low i mean 1650x1080/1380x720)

well lets just say i was expecting much more, hopefully the actual game is slightly better optimuzed.
still, order 2 of the new 8800GT to try in SLI, hopfully fairs better than the GTX.

skagrerrrr4868d ago

try forceware version 163.69

Charlie26884868d ago

you actually need Beta frivers 169.01 to make Crysis run properly (aka no slide show)

DethWish4869d ago

Mine looks like Far Cry, but still runs it good so I'm happy

SuperSaiyan44869d ago

I did then installed the Crysis demo and well it had to set all on LOW :-( the visuals were extremely bad! Hell I could run FarCry on much better settings and visuals than Crysis!!

DethWish4869d ago

Oh shut up now you made my PC cry, she thought it looked good

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