E3 2011: ‘SSX’ Demo Impressions [Game Rant]

Ben Kendrick of Game Rant writes: "EA Sports invited us to a behind closed-doors E3 look at their upcoming ‘SSX’ reboot – which features groundbreaking physics as well as the classic over-the-top ‘Tricky’ action fans love. Check out our impressions and the latest trailer."

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Orionsangel2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Where are the rails to grind on? The giant colored snowflakes and balloon characters you can hit? The Fireworks? So far all I've seen is a plain white mountain and terrain deformation and avalanches. Zzzzz! Enough with this, you are one with the Mountain crap! World maps? WTF? Where's Tokyo Megaplex? Mercury City Meltdown? This game looks boring! Let's see more crazy SSX fun!