PALGN: Naughty Dog Interview Part One

PALGN recently had a chance to meet with Evan Wells, the co-president for Naughty Dog. Evan was in Australia promoting Naughty Dog's latest title and their PlayStation 3 debut Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Here is the first part of the interview with Evan where PALGN talks to him about Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. They also ask Evan how far Naughty Dog pushed the PlayStation 3 and find out why his wife is holding her bladder.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

PALGN: "For anyone who is not aware of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune why should they be looking out for it?"

EW: "Well Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is our first PlayStation 3 game and it is an action adventure game in the third person. We drew our inspiration from the classic pulp action adventures, you know back into the 1920's and 30's your old comic books and novels and television shows and movies a lot of that stuff that Indiana Jones is based on. More recently, movies like National Treasure are trying to do the same sort of thing in the modern day which is what Uncharted is, it's not a period piece, we're set in the present day. For the first time Naughty Dog is doing something in the realm of realism instead of very stylised cartoony stuff. It's an exciting new project for us, We really didn't just want to rest on our laurels and take the easy route and rehash another Jak and Daxter on the PlayStation 3, we thought here's some great new technology let's take advantage of it."

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Here are some good parts of the article:
PALGN: Is there going to be a demo on the PlayStation Store?

EW: There will be a demo. We actually finished that up on the same day. It's also being tested by Sony right now and I think it will be available probably about twelve days before the Blu Ray disc is available in stores. So, it will give people a chance to try it out and hopefully they will go out to the store and buy it.

How long will the single player campaign in Uncharted last?

"I think the average player will probably spend somewhere in the vicinity of ten to twelve hours on their first play through. We've got four levels of difficulty in there; easy, normal, hard and crushing for people who want to get back in there and try again. There is a lot of replayability actually to go back in and look for the secrets we've hidden throughout the game. There are 60 treasures hidden throughout the game which you've got to try and locate. We've also put into the game a medal system, so as you're playing the game if you perform special feats you'll get medals, such as getting a certain number of headshots, getting a certain number of headshots in a row, killing people, doing a special brawl combo, just lots of things along the way that will unlock the medals. The medals then contribute to your overall medal score and your medal scores then feed into our bonus system which allows all of the unlockables to be unlocked. So we've got different skins so you can play the game through as different characters, we've got different rendering modes so you can play with some effects, we've got a lot of cheats. We've got a tonne of unlockable content in terms of behind the scenes footage, interviews with Naughty Dog, some interviews with our actors and actresses that played the parts as well as seeing them in the mo cap suits. There's a lot of interesting stuff."

PALGN: Can you tell us why Uncharted is only possible on the PlayStation 3?

"There are a few things. Primarily the whole experience is enabled by the use of the hard drive. If we did not have the hard drive then we could not present the game in the seamless load free way that we are. After you start until you turn the console off and go eat your lunch and come back there is not going to be another load time and you can play the game from start to finish. That was really key to us something that we established with Jak and Daxter and it keeps you immersed in the experience. As soon as you hit those load screens, as soon as you have to take that break, you may put the controller down, you may do something else we really just want to engross you in this experience. So, the hard drive really helped with that. The other thing that we've got going for us is the Blu Ray. We filled that thing up to 24 plus gigs, it was right at the end where we were literally running out of place where we were having to start pulling some stuff out, we ended up fortunately finding this unused cache of audio lines we were able to pull out to save some space so we could get everything in that we wanted to get in. I'm not going to stand here and say it would have been impossible to do on DVD but it would have been a different game, it really would have. It could have looked worse, we would have had to make concessions in terms of our compression. We would have had to spend a lot more developer resources focusing on how to get it on the disk when we could have been creating the game, making it more fun, making it more beautiful. So I'm really happy just to have that. We're still on single layer and this is our first game out of the gates. So I highly suspect that on our future games we'll even go to a double layer and we're going to even start putting more than 24-25 gigs into a single game."

PALGN: So if you had to make an estimation how much % of the power of the PlayStation 3 do you think you used?

EW: Okay well it's not going to be an exact science but it's interesting that you bring the question up because we just recently before I came here as we were wrapping up production, we did do some profiling of the performance of the PlayStation 3. As far as the Cell processor and the SPU's are concerned we were only using about 1/3 to 1/2 of the SPU's at one time and so there is still quite a bit more we can do, I was also comparing where we're at at the end of development for Uncharted compared to where we were at the end of development for Jak and Daxter and we've been able to do so much more with the PlayStation 3 and there's still so much more on top potential. I really am excited about what we'll be able to do 2-3 games down the road, I mean just looking back on the difference between Jak I and Jak III is amazing.

ultraviolentz4870d ago

Can you tell us why Uncharted is only possible on the PlayStation 3?

a PC can do all of those things

and that stuff everyone says about blu ray making it possible to have games bigger... well you could use multiple DVD9s

TheExecutive4870d ago

I think he was refering to game consoles...

You could also put it on multiple CD's!!! Wahoo!

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Most or all things can be done on PC. They just choose not to add that in there.