May NPD: PS3 hardware sales

Find out how many PS3 units Sony sold in May (NPD).

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happyface3309d ago

pricecut ASAP!!!!!!! Danger danger!

a_squirrel3309d ago

I'd like a pricecut ;)
If you disagree, you're a troll :|

OC_MurphysLaw3309d ago

@a_squirrel... would I like to see a price cut? Sure why the hell wouldn't I? Do I think they will? No, they don't need to.

My reply to happyface's comment was based on the "Danger danger!"... being that Sony is actually up in their sales... there is no danger for Sony.

MaxXAttaxX3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Maybe not until the Wii U releases.
Even though this article only compares one month. The PS3 is doing better and better each year.

DualConsoleOwner3309d ago

PSN was out.

I wonder how much more it would have increased if PSN didnt get hacked.

SilentNegotiator3309d ago

Almost 200K and following the PSN shutdown? Danger......riiiiiiiight.

Skip_Bayless3309d ago

They need a price increase. I don't like casual gamers who keep playing Modern Warfare.

fatstarr3309d ago

why are you 2 addin in the psn hacks,

people who know nothing buy products, im sure they were oblivious to the situation.

BlackTar1873308d ago

Fatstarr even my mom knew about the PSN hack.. I actually had it highlighted to our company at one of our Security Webex's so its huge to say people didn't know is false.

zeeshan3308d ago

I am dead sure that we will see a price drop this holiday season simply because PS Vita which is almost has good as PS3 will be available for $249. You will be able to take it with you and play online on the go which is effin brilliant. I am sure will want to see more PS3 sales later this holiday with the help of a pricecut!

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-Superman-3309d ago

But PS3 outsells worldwide

DiRtY3309d ago

Not in the past 3 months. So far in 2011 Xbox outsold PS3.

Check financial reports.
2.1 million vs 2.8 million.

-Superman-3309d ago

Dirty, no, PS3 is outselling Xbox 360 worldwide, Outsells in Europe and Japan and its total more than US.

Stop lying xbot

creatchee3309d ago

Wow. VGChartz is now a reliable source?


ImHereNow3309d ago

Hahaha you linked to vgcrap.

slap yourself.....HARD

kingdoms3309d ago

People still in denial?

paintsville3308d ago

Xbox 360 "Best Selling Console."
Read the article

death2smoochie3308d ago

Well if you are into sales for consoles then you might want to use data from Sony and Microsoft financial reports instead of the source you just linked. When you do this, vgchartz is wrong.
Go to the source instead of vgchartz ;-)

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EarthLover3309d ago

nono this is actually great news for Sony, the last several NPDs, PS3s sales have went down year over year. Remember the reports about Xbox 360 being the only console to increase year over year, well this time PS3 went up as well.

Sony has got to be ecstatic.

likedamaster3308d ago

Yeah, PS3 is up year by year but not much. Looks to have sold more than even the Wii last month.

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OC_MurphysLaw3309d ago

Nice to see the PS3 up in-spite of the PSN issues.

AceofStaves3309d ago

I'm surprised by the increase. It's great to see both 360 and PS3 with strong sales last month.

kneon3309d ago

How can this be, according to N4G "wisdom" everyone traded in their PS3s when they couldn't play COD for a few weeks /s

Bell Boy3309d ago

They must have all bought 2 when PSN came back

oohWii3309d ago

@Kneon - you lost me, please explain your statement?

kneon3309d ago

Did you not see the various claims of a huge rise in people trading in PS3s because of the PSN outage? If that was happening at any significant level then sales wouldn't be up.

There were also some claims that the entire gaming market would suffer due to the outage, that is clearly not the case as both Microsoft and Sony were up Y/Y. Yes Nintendo is down but that was to be expected. I didn't see any numbers for the PC or handheld market but I'm sure they were unaffected by all this as well.

kingdoms3309d ago

What did you and others expect? The sales of just 100? Sony doing fine now? LMAO

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Dusdg3309d ago

cannot believe neither sony nor ms dropped the price at E3. I wonder how long they can keep this up.

StanLee3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Microsoft is doing too well now to cut price. Kinect gave them a real boost so they wont cut price until sales become stagnant again. Sony doesn't have to make a move because Microsoft didn't and Sony is still competitive.

EarthLover3309d ago

Well your half right, actually Sony cannot afford a price drop right now, the PS3 just recently MAY have become profitable, this is not the time for a price drop as far as they are concerned.

You were right about 360, it is doing very well for it to be so late in its life, since PS3 is not dropping in price, and 360 is still outselling PS3 and holding on to 2nd place, MS will not be dropping the price.

OC_MurphysLaw3309d ago

When you are seeing Year over Year growth...There is absolutely NO reason to price drop. I mean seriously why would you as either Sony or Microsoft drop price right now? Your sales are actually up from last year.. you are selling more despite the price being the same? From a companies perspective that is an ideal situation.

Death3308d ago

If all they sold was hardware you would be kinda right. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo want to sell software and services. If the hardware profit margin was more forgiving, they would take the initial loss in profits from the hardware for the future gains in software. This late in the hardware cycle software sales don't grow nearly as fast. It's actually beneficial to hold onto as much hardware profit as possible until software sales increase with holiday shopping or a competitor decides to stick you.


Sinkway3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I think MS is riding the wave of Kinect atm, their sales up (in the US) by 39%.

EDIT: Oh StanLee bet me to it.

Mr Tretton3309d ago

MS and Sony won't drop price until Wii U is out.

kneon3309d ago

If they don't cut prices this fall then I expect it a few months before the Wii U launches. If you get someone to buy your console then they are less likely to go buy another just a few months later.

IAmCornHolio3309d ago

Nefarious timing and price cutting troll.

They probably wont cut prices AFTER the the WiiU is out, because it is gonna cost more than either the PS3 or Xbox and will be in that awkward first year where it HAS NO GAMES.

PS3 ~might~ drop prices sometimes next year, but the xbox is not getting a price drop for the foreseeable future. IT PRINTS MONEY!

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justlikeme3309d ago

In ontario (not sure if all of canada got the sale)250gb 360 was cdn $199.00 the week before the e3. Had to pick one up.
Purchased blue dragon, and lost odyssey. :D

m233309d ago

I picked up the 4gb when it was $129, just wish I had waited for the 250gb sale. I still have my elite though, has plenty of room left.

SweatyFlorida3309d ago

Nice to see an increase, but sometimes I wonder how much more of an increase PS3 would have had if the whole hacking thing never happened?? Makes me wonder...

But I don't see Sony dropping the price just yet. I think they will most likely drop it early next year when no major exclusives are out. and if they drop it to $199, then that's a GOOD sign they are ready for PS4

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