Will the Wii U Get Third-Party Exclusives?

This Is Wii U takes a look at what would encourage gamers to pick up the Wii U version of a title. Also, what will the third-parties offer to Nintendo Wii U owners for buying their games? Will Nintendo spend big amounts on securing Wii U exclusive content?

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tunaks13311d ago

well the Wii did so why wouldn't the WiiU?

Active Reload3311d ago

Now that I'm thinking about it, Epic could actually garner some more impressive recognition, by encouraging Nintendo to get the specs up to par to run the Good Samaritan. It doesn't have to be and it won't, be on the level of what was shown of the demo a while back, but it could a win-win for everyone who is interested in the Wii U.

eagle213311d ago

No More Heroes 3 is confirmed from destructoid article. :)

Shok3311d ago

Third-party exclusives have already been confimred by Ubisoft.

I think EA also said that the Wii U will get exclusive BF3 and Arkham City content.

carlitoskaruuz3311d ago

Killer Freaks from Outer Space! Looks promising. I'm looking forward to that game!

Fierce Musashi3311d ago

Every console gets exclusive stuff by third parties here and there. Don't see why this should be any different.

But as for Nintendo spending big money for exclusive third party titles... eh, don't think it's likely but you never know. This is the next generation of home consoles after all.

zeal0us3311d ago

I could see Mario being a exclusive in SSX....Tricky but not this new really.

If Nintendo want to take on Sony&M$ it will get 3rd party exclusives like every 1 else.

Theyellowflash303311d ago

How many big 3rd party exclusives do MS and Sony get cause I don't see many. Modern Warefare, Battlefield, L.A. Noire, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, DMC, Borderlands, Batman, Darksiders, Madden, Resident Evil ect all are multiplat. there are a few like Metal Gear Solid 4 but not much.

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