Hooked Gamers: inFAMOUS 2 Review

Often times, developing a sequel to a popular game is tougher than creating an all-new title. There are many expectations of a sequel, namely staying true to what made the original great while improving on any shortcomings.

At the onset of inFamous 2, Cole faces off with ‘The Beast’, a massive enemy hell-bent on destroying the eastern seaboard to get to him. Cole is defeated and retreats to the city of New Marais where he is caught in a war between factions and must improve his powers so that his second meeting with ‘The Beast’ won’t be such a short and painful one.

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Biggest3318d ago

I don't get it. The title makes a bold claim but the score doesn't back that claim.

Christopher3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

It was a flamebait title that should not have made it through the approval process since it's not the title used on the original site. That has been fixed.

Edit: The old title was pulled from the last section of the review and really makes no sense considering the same site gave Killzone 3 a 9.4.

xTHRASHx3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Its funny, I reviewed Killzone 3 as well as inFamous 2 and if you read what I wrote in the article (I did not post this to N4G) I said it could be the best PS3 exclusive because of the open-world concept. Not that it was, just that it could be.

So while the original post might have been a bit much here on N4G if you would have read the article you would have seen its not what - I - said.

Christopher3318d ago

Saying something "could be" the best post production is an indicator that you think past products are lesser. As you reviewed both games, I can only draw the conclusion that your statement could have been worded much better. Perhaps specifying it as the best within the open world genre or something similar.

My comment above about the original title was not an indicator of your attemp to mislead viewers with a sensational title-I assumed the author didn't post this here-but don't see how you could claim a recent game as "possibly the best" when you rated previous games higher and with more accolades. It's misrepresentative of your grading scale.

xTHRASHx3318d ago

I think it could be the best, based upon the open world concept. Despite what either review score says the open-world design of the game makes it more enjoyable than say, Killzone 3. The lower score is because it had more drawbacks like monotonous platforming and weak sound. When I give a game a score its basically a competition between the good things and the bad things. If I could have rated inFamous 2 based solely on the open-world fun of the title it would be in the high 9's. But the other things drag it down.

The wording is a bit confusing, I can see that. And the fact that they made it into a sub-heading adds to the confusion. Though it means "it could be best because of the open world" maybe that should have been followed by "but it isnt because of the setbacks" or something similar.

consolez_FTW3318d ago

inFamous 2 is not THE BEST the ps3 has to offer, but it is pretty far up there. A really good game.

LOGICWINS3318d ago

Speak for yourself..its the best PS3 exclusive I've ever played.

PSjesus3318d ago

MGS4 was the best title for PS3 so far and was 10/10 then this probably 11/10 not 8,75

dc13318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

There are so many wonderful exclusives on the PS3. Be a pokemon trainer and catch them all!

The Title/comment is certainly catchy... and a little underhanded.

TheDivine3318d ago

Come on dude an 8.7 is near perfect. WTF is up w people nowadays expecting every good game to b a 9.5. OOt, Hl2, and mgs3 were near perfect imho. Very few and far between. This is a great score.

dc13318d ago

True 8.7 is good. But that’s not the point of my comment.

An individual ratings is only as good as how it can be measured or , how it stacks up against respected contemporaries.

If InFAMOUS to offers the best of PS3 at 8.7: Then what is Demons Souls, the Uncharted series, MGS4 etc..?

I don’t have a problem with the score.. I just thought the title was risky.