Take a Tour of Batman: Arkham City with 52 screens

Gaming Examiner has put together a large collection of 52 screens for Rocksteady Games' new title Batman Arkham City. Included are scenes from gameplay, Catwoman, the Joker, gangs and cut-scenes.

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SarahFox2681d ago

3 things i love going into this game, the riddler being more in the game. Catwoman looks fantastic and Harley Quinn's new look. The Joker tattoo she has on her hip is awesome. Little touches like that are what make a game sometimes. Event the voice of Harley won't be the same, i still think she will be great.

Jack-Dangerously2681d ago

I agree with your first point, and respectfully(no sarcasm) disagree with your point about Harley Quinn.

BeastlyRig2681d ago

teh game will be nice! Sleeper goty maybe!

SarahFox2681d ago

it has huge competition but yeah i think it might be. They did an amazing job with the first that i think 2 will be a show stopper