OXCGN’s The First Templar Co-op Review: A Holy Grail, or gaming heresy?


"Is there a historic organisation as mysterious and tailor made for gaming as The Templars? We’ve seen them as the bad guys in Assassin’s Creed and Ridley Scott‘s stunning film, Kingdom of Heaven, but most sources see them as victims of their own success.

One of this-gen’s Templar games, and the first off the mark this year, is The First Templar, a co-op action adventure game by developers Haemimont Games, and published by Kalypso Media, which sees a couple of medieval Templars and a declared female heretic search for the Holy Grail."

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gaminoz3316d ago

This game doesn't look amazing, but I do like to play simpler games where you can just sit back and enjoy without thinking too much too.

I really like the historic focus over magical strange fantasy worlds too.

BadCircuit3316d ago

This review has a different spin on reviewing. I think that reviewing games differently occasionally is a lot better than just having the same old review every time.

The game doesn't seem to look great but the co-op action sounds fun.

consolez_FTW3316d ago

yeah this game has caught my eye. I might check it out.

Proeliator3316d ago

Very interesting review!

gaminoz3316d ago

Pretty long review, but neat how the two have different perspectives.

XboxOZ3603316d ago

A pleasant change from the 'norm' - and refreshing to see father-son working on a game they share, yet with such broad age differences. It shows the differences they have while experiencing the 'same' thing as it happens.

The game looks interesting enough, shame itr wasn't readily available in Australia, and needs to be imported I believe?

gaminoz3316d ago

I haven't seen it in stores, but I wonder if we can get them to order it? AFA Interactive is listed as publisher in Australia.

XboxOZ3603316d ago

Well if it's listed with an Aussie distributor, then any store can order them in, if they are willing to do so. It costs them nothing really to get the goods to their store, as the distributor pays for delivery.

So go for it, ask your local game stores, see what they say. I'm going to ask mine.

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